My paintings explore notions of time, permanence, and memory. I use landscape, architecture, and objects to create empathy for the familiar and everyday while quietly noting the changes environments go through.

The act of painting is a personal exercise. Photographs I take myself for reference images are inspired by memories and are part of an ever-growing collection of stumbled-upon, treasured places. The paintings are done in various scales and a varied palette to invite the viewer into the environment. The subtle changes of tone add visual interest to ample areas of color. Directional brush strokes and brayer marks also add variety and act as directive pathways to give some way in to the paintings themselves.

My work is present in the moment, and questions my relationship with the space as well as the relationship between person and painting.


Lindsey Ries chooses to examine the concepts of time and permanence through the lens of memory. Nostalgia is underlined with the stark reality that living in a fast-paced, modern world makes the ‘simple things in life’ a scarce commodity – a thing to be examined and held dear. A Midwestern ethos plays beautifully in the background of Lindsey’s subtle aesthetic shifts and lends to a daydreamer quality in the work. Her paintings are like sunshine warming the sill of an open window, curtains billowing softly in a summer breeze.

There is a stillness to Lindsey Ries’ work that elevates otherwise mundane subject matter to an object of beauty. Her use of long shadows, bold swathes of color and expansive negative spaces create a feeling of quiet isolation. A vague familiarity is imbued in the buildings and landscapes, giving the viewer a sense of déjà vu. Ries’ nuanced paintings recall those places that are the canvas of everyday life.

Ries spent her childhood in a studio drawing and painting at the feet of her mother, who is also an artist. Lindsey always knew she would pursue art as a career. She holds an MFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a concentration in painting and has exhibited extensively throughout the Midwest. She has spent the last 7 years advising and teaching art. Ries currently lives in Minneapolis, MN.



M.F.A. in Visual Studies, Painting Concentration
Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), Minneapolis, MN
Select Classes taken: Graduate Critique Seminar, Theories of Art and Design, Graduate Professional Practice, Topics in Contemporary Art, Mentored Credits

B.F.A in Studio Art, Painting Emphasis
School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), Chicago, IL
Select Classes taken: Representational Painting, Painting-Abstraction, Painting-Expressionism, Contemporary Art History, Critique Seminar

B.A. in Studio Art, Painting Emphasis, Photography Minor, Theatre Design Minor
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (UW-L), La Crosse, WI
Select Classes taken: Foundations 1, Foundations 2, Drawing 1, Intermediate Drawing, Advanced Drawing, Digital Photography, Intro to Ceramics, Renaissance Art History, Modern Art History, Intro to Painting, Intermediate Painting, Advanced Painting, Independent Study, Art Seminar


"Art in the Home "(group), Inez Greenberg Gallery in Artistry, Bloomington, MN

"5 foot exhibition", Gallery 360, Minneapolis, MN
"pop up exhibition" with Show And Tell Art and Design, Charleston, SC
"Bloom (solo)", showroom Designer Collective, Minneapolis, MN
"joint exhibition with Ashely Peifer", FUSE, Minneapolis, MN
"solo exhibition" in HauteDish, Minneapolis, MN

solo exhibition fundraiser, Showroom Designer Collective, Minneapolis, MN
"From Here to There (solo)", Gallery 360, Minneapolis, MN
"Urban Extracts (joint)", Inez Greenberg Gallery in Artistry, Bloomington, MN

MCAD Off Campus Exhibition, Barnes and Thornburg Law Offices, Minneapolis, MN

Instructor and Student Show, Bloomington Theater and Art Center, Bloomington, MN
"236" (solo), Lanesboro Art Center, Lanesboro, MN
"Gifts in the Gallery", Bloomington Theater and Art Center, Bloomington, MN

"Americana", Ad Hoc Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
"Cultivation", Lanesboro Art Center, Lanesboro, MN
"Goodbye Moments", Whittier Gallery, MCAD, Minneapolis, MN
"Accumulation" (Juried by Jon Rasmussen of Midway), MCAD, Minneapolis, MN

"Compound", Whittier Gallery, MCAD, Minneapolis, MN
"Get StARTed", Chambers Burnet Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
"Wish You Were Here", Whittier Gallery, MCAD, Minneapolis, MN
"Made at MCAD", MCAD, Minneapolis, MN   


Gallery360 in Minneapolis, MN
FUSE in Minneapolis, MN
Show and Tell Art and Design, Charleston, SC
Lafontsee Galleries, Grand Rapids, MI