I love the diversity, beauty and permanence of stone. While I want all of my work to be pleasing to the eye, I strive for balance through the rough, jagged and raw.


Once you’ve engaged with a piece of sculpture created by Matthew Prentice, it makes perfect sense that he has a Master’s Degree in philosophy. Stone is the ideal medium for him to meditate on thoughts, creating abstract forms that invite the viewer to look for a deeper meaning. The organic, rough exteriors of his pieces convey energy and movement, while the smooth undulations of the interiors draw you in. Hard edges punctuated by unexpectedly smooth arches and delicate curves create a sense of comfort and ease.

Prentice has a great respect for nature and geology – this relationship guides him in the making of each piece. He is inspired by fieldstones due to their individuality and permanence. Their timeless nature creates an intimacy that Matthew responds to in an intuitive way, calling attention to the inner beauty of each stone. His craftsmanship reveals a delicate balance of the spatial relationship between kinetic and restrained shapes. Through sculpture, Prentice creates beautiful abstractions of the Earth reaching for the sky.

Matthew Prentice was born in Lewistown, Montana. He has apprenticed under master sculptor, Jason Quigno, for one year and aspires to produce innumerous quality works with increasing expertise, exploring contrast, form and inner beauty.