For me, working with clay is mindful meditation and persistence. It’s spontaneous and flawed, yet unforgiving. It’s planned, but full of surprise and reward.

My work is inspired by natural and architectural forms with focus on the interplay of shapes, and variances of scale. I study how people use and enjoy art and sculpture in their lives and homes. I want my objects to flow in their surroundings but not be fussy. I work to enhance the beauty and individuality of each piece with emphasis on playfulness, form and color.

By creating my own palette of stains and glazes, combined with lively brush work, my pieces are expressive and engaging.

I admire the philosophy behind Korean ceramic art: that imperfection is not only tolerated but accepted and respected.


Vessels crafted by Joanne Rebek appear earth-hewn over millennia rather than manmade. The organic undulations of her pieces portray a raw honesty and are imbued with a Zen quality that invite you to enter a meditative state. This transformative aspect makes it feel as if the ceramic necks are exhaling, projecting a dreamy aura.

Rebek honors the ceramic medium by calling attention to shapes and finishes that navigate the razor’s edge of being perfectly imperfect. Joanne’s process conveys whimsy through form, proportion and color with layers of custom glaze adding depth and dimensional vitality, like surface tension on still water. Influenced by Korean ceramic art aesthetics, Joanne strives to make her vessels spontaneous and tactile. Through this practice she affords her pieces balance, beauty and character, masterfully elevating otherwise every-day objects into fine art.

Joanne Rebek has spent 36 years honing her craft. She exited corporate life in exchange for full-time artist status in 2017. Since earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northern Illinois University in 1982, Rebek has pursued learning new techniques and experimentation with structural forms and glazing. She looks forward to continuing her journey working with her hands to create expressive, contemporary sculptural ceramic pieces. Joanne presently resides in Fennville, MI with her artist husband, Edward.



Bachelor of Fine Art, Northern Illinois University, IL

Art Related Experience

Extensive experimentation in structural forms and glazing

Continued advanced courses in Ceramic Arts, College of Dupage

Throwing, Spraying and Firing Techniques, Steven Hill Workshop

Private advanced class in throwing technique, Khnemu Studio LLC

Principle of Chicago based Package Design Firm, JOED Design, Inc

Board member of Lill Street Gallery, Chicago

Raku glazing and firing, Lill Street Gallery, Chicago