I once stood on a balcony, peering out into the green woods, as small puffs of white floated seamlessly through the warm air. I reached my hand out to catch this cotton, this feather, and finally scooped one into my palm. It was a tiny insect, its size the head of a sewing pin. It had red eyes and a white body, with wisps of snow hair sprouting out in all directions. It snuck across my hand before catching the wind and floating off with the rest of its fluffy brethren.

This is why I create.

The world, what we know, what we don’t; all fascinates and inspires me. The patterns on the insides of flowers; the tails of squirrels, the slow fade of leaves in Autumn. The things we learn and question every day and the things we take for granted. The smallest of places, our own bodies, the largest nebulas in the Universe; it’s enough to keep me in wonder until my life ends. As a believer that this life is the only life we live, I choose to take this wonder and mold it into a practice in which I am most comfortable, and one I find most enticing - art.


Figurative but unrealistic; heartwarming yet melancholic, child-like and grown up: these seemingly contrasting ideas embody the illustrations of Rebecca Green. Working in both acrylic and oil paint on wood panel, she layers and glazes her paint in the muted tones of a vintage picture book. Her use of type, pattern and muted colors points to children’s illustration, yet the subject matter is decidedly grown up. She tackles themes of childhood, death, and the vast universe in which we exist, breaking them into recognizable moments.

Green focuses on celebrating the small moments that make up who we are. “In my work”, she explains, “I try to portray the potential good that lies in every one of us, in every single day. I have a fondness for the individual, for those quiet moments”. Rather than sketching and planning, her ideas emerge spontaneously in the creative process.

Rebecca Green earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Kendall College of Art and Design in Illustration, with a focus on painting and drawing. She currently freelance illustrates for a variety of publications, and while her focus is two-dimensional art, she is also interested in sculptural work.



Kendall College of Art and Design, BFA in Illustration, Minor in Graphic Design, Grand Rapids, MI


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ActiveSite II, Federal Building, Grand Rapids, MI 


Artist Spotlight, LaFontsee Galleries, Grand Rapids, MI

EPA Awards for Original Art, Fourth Place

19 Windows Competition, First Place, East Grand Rapids, MI

West Michigan Scholarship Recipient, Ox-Bow Tuition
West Michigan Regional Competition, Fourth Place

UICA Holiday Artists” Market, Most Original Work
UICA NoshNight Slide Wars, People’s Choice Award
Society of Illustrators, Arthur Zankel Scholarship, New York, NY
Midwest Fine Art Finals, First Place, Scholarship Recipient

Grosse Ile Chair-Arty Auction, First Place


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On-the-Town Magazine, cover artist, April 2011
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TinyHand Outbuilding Discourses, Grand Rapids, MI
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