sue van dame

Metalsmithing is a bit of alchemy; taking something in one form and by playing with the 4 elements of fire, earth, water and air, transforming it into something else. This is how Sue feels about making her jewelry.

Combining metal and stones has always been at the heart of Sue’s jewelry. She loves creating textures and pattern on metal to embrace a hand-worked look. She enjoys the process of forging, soldering and heating metal to see what colors and textures come into being. Celebrating the beauty of nature by combining semi-precious stones and pearls with individually hand fabricated pieces creates Sue’s one of a kind designs.

Sue is surrounded by the woods and water of West Michigan but spent many years living outside Santa Fe, New Mexico and the influence of the Southwest is strong in her work.

The designs are simple, yet interesting, subtle, yet unique. And above all else, Sue wants the pieces to be comfortable to wear. Anytime a new design is created, it always goes for a “test drive” on its maker first.

Jewelry is often a talisman, often a gift of love and friendship. An object worn for strength, confidence, beauty and love. That is what Sue likes to pass on to the people who wear her jewelry. She wants them to feel good every time they put it on.

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