phil wilson

I simply want to make good pots. By that I mean functionally elegant and interesting, beautiful to look at and comfortable in everyday use. I am guided by an interest in the entire spectrum of pottery traditions and try in my own work to arrive at forms that are both classic and thoroughly functional. 
I like to work on groups of pots. There is always some particular form I’m interested in, but it’s much more interesting to play around with that form than try to “perfect” it. So each group is a series of variations that illustrate possibilities, in the same way that a bowl of pears gives you an idea of what a pear looks like.

While each piece begins on the wheel, I alter some of these round forms and use parts of them to construct others with a very different two or four-sided character.

The smooth porcelain surfaces are activated with patterns of texture from throwing marks on the wheel, impressions in the wet clay and carving into the leather-hard clay. These textures are accentuated and softened by subtle glazes: cool, glossy celadon and warm, semi-matte black. All glazes are non-toxic, microwave and dishwasher safe, and versatile in any environment.

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