"My life is put on hold when I play with clay. It is the one activity that engages me so totally my thoughts are simply unable to wander. I dream a shape, and I have to make it.

Modern architecture and natural landscapes inspire my sculptural forms, but I feel that there is a magical connection when a work of art is small enough to cradle in your hands. I also believe you should be able to share your home with objects you need AND love, this is why I aim to turn sculptural forms into everyday objects.

Think of my work as sculptural objects that you can enjoy using or wearing, and when you are not using them, they are everyday objects that are also sculpture installations for your home.

Most of my pieces begin on the potters’ wheel, and then I find new ways to subtly reshape them into more fluid and organic forms, forms that fit and flow quietly with each other like elements in a landscape.
Beauty, for me, lies in undecorated simplicity."

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