Color pattern and design fascinate me. I am entranced visually, almost in the same way one responds to a lovely music melody. Emotion and feelings are expressed through shape and color. I think of my paintings as snippets of life with layers and over lapping shapes of bright and dull, light and dark, struggle and ease, smoothness and textures. I am not premeditated in my work. It evolves as each mark and color and layer respond to each other, I seek a sense of wholeness and harmony from seemingly random marks. The philosophical notion of life having no accidents resonates with my thinking about finding meaning, and is part of my painting practice. Beauty is always available as a place to rest and recover, even in chaos and change.  


“Beauty is always available as a place to rest and recover, even in chaos and change.”

Brenda Beerhorst finds this view as she plays with the creation of her own visual language of color, shape and unique style. In a context set apart from the representational world, Beerhorst creates spirited pattern by laying shapes and fields of acrylic paint on wood, where she can work subtractively sanding down the surface, exposing different layers. The overall feeling of ease in the midst of animated movement in her work is tied to Beerhorst’s practice of painting without the fear of making mistakes or predetermined outcomes. Momentary decisions produce compositions full of organic plenitude, where many shapes are interacting with one another, but all come together as one ecosystem. Seeming that there could be no accidents, this method has become metaphor for the way Beerhorst believes meaning in life is found.

Brenda Beerhorst is a mother of 6 children, many of which are involved in the arts as well. During her children’s earlier years, Brenda found peace and practicality in the art of rug-hooking. Over the last few years, however, she has thrown herself into painting, furthering her exploration of color and design.