The Intern

We are looking for a senior level art student with drive and initiative interested in learning about the aspects of running a gallery as a business. This person should be detail oriented, hard working, positive, punctual and flexible.

Internship Goal

Our intern will be exposed to a variety of jobs that contribute to the management of the gallery. These include a number of functions that are not often recognized as part of the gallery business, including marketing, inventory maintenance, and special project assistance. We offer the intern an opportunity to observe and participate in the business side of the art world. The intern will be expected to take on specific responsibilities while at the same time be available to assist in various capacities in the gallery and the store. We feel this approach allows the intern to gain broad exposure and experience in the short period available.

Internship Responsibilities May Include:

Pay & Hours

The pay is to be determined. The hours will be between 10 and 20 per week.

How to Apply

Please contact Marlene Guter Seykora for more information at 616-451-9820 or email at
Please email or drop off applications for the internship including a cover letter with resume and any references or other referrals.

(Note: Responsibilities and length of the internship are determined by the school’s credit requirements)