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30 Years Anniversary & Celebration

We've turned 30 and we're putting together a show to celebrate!

Show Title: "Collective"

Opening night is Friday, February 9th, 2018, 6-9 pm, Grand Rapids Location

Come out and celebrate with us, our artists, and our friends in the community! Everyone is welcome, the party is free, and the gallery is handicap accessible. This event commemorates 30 years, but also, it’s a way for LaFontsee Galleries to honor & thank the phenomenal community it serves. This show opening will be above and beyond including music, refreshments, fabulous ART, and more. You won’t want to miss it! The show features fresh works by all gallery artists, and the majority of our artists will be attending.

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Show is running through April 6th, 2018

Voted Best Gallery

Thank You to Grand Rapids Magazine for voting us best art gallery in West Michigan!

We are honored to (once again) to have been voted best Art Gallery in Grand Rapids by Grand Rapids Magazine!



Saul Gray-Hildenbrand on Conan!

LaFontsee Gallery Artist's work featured on National TV, June 2017

Congratulations to long time LG artist Saul Gray-Hildenbrand! Not only was his artwork featured on the album cover Conan was handling and promoting on air, the lead singer had Saul’s work on his guitar!

Here's the video clip:



LG Featured Employee: James

March 2017

Our Featured Employee is JAMES! James is one of our key design minds when it comes to unique and unusual framing projects. He began professionally framing in 1999 and joined the LG team in 2005. Innovative, efficient, and downright skilled, James is a workhorse in our production framing department.




Justin Kellner bookmarks support the Land Conservancy of West Michigan

LaFontsee Galleries, Grand Rapids, Spring 2017

LG artist Justin Kellner's "Displacement" examines human impact on the natural environment. Through paintings and installation, he highlights the habitat loss of certain warbler species in Michigan. The installation is on display from March 10 - April 15, 2017.

As Kellner's art draws attention to the phenomenon, LG encourages donations to the Land Conservancy of West Michigan. Special bookmarks depicting Kellner's paintings are available at the gallery for a minimum donation of $10 each. All proceeds benefit the conservancy.

Click here for more information on the Land Conservancy of West Michigan or to donate directly.

"Freshly Considered" group show ministers to cultured.GR

cultured.GR, March 11, 2017

In her article "Ministry of the maker: Why we all need more beauty in our lives" Holly Bechiri, editor in chief of cultured.GR, spiritually reflects on the 2017 LG spring group show "Freshly Considered."

Click Here to read the article online.


LG Featured Employee: Dale

February 2017

Our Featured Employee for February is Dale! Whether he has greeted you in the gallery, installed artwork into your home or office, or helped you choose a custom framing option, Dale has probably had a role in your experience with LaFontsee Galleries. Dale joined the LG team in 2015 and splits his time working in Art Installation, Frame Design and Art Sales. He has a BFA in Sculpture and Painting from Aquinas. Thanks for all you do for LG, Dale!

cultured.GR highlights Saul Gray-Hildenbrand

cultured.GR, February 9, 2017

"Stay open: Lafontsee artist explores play, materials…and sometimes beauty" converses with LG artist Saul Gray-Hildenbrand. Written by the source's editor-in-chief, Holly Bechiri, the cultured.GR article highlights the variety of media and methods of Gray-Hildenbrand and praises his curious creative process.

Click Here to read the article online.



LG Featured Employee: Marlene

January 2017

Introducing our Featured Employee spotlight! As a locally owned business, we take pride in our customer service and honor our wonderful staff. This month our Featured Employee is Marlene! Marlene joined LG in 1997. As our business manager, she is the oil that keeps the gears of LaFontsee Galleries turning smoothly. Her memory runs deep, she is highly organized, and is supremely resourceful in providing answers and information. With skills in all departments, Marlene is an extra pair of hands anywhere needed and is always willing to help. She loves gardening, rowing, outdoors, and anything to do with her beautifully fun and charming daughter Marijke.


Kelly Allen in Coming Home, UICA

Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids
Nov 11, 2016 thru Jan 8, 2017

LG Artist Kelly Allen was featured among 7 others in the UICA's Coming Home, a suite of exhibitions featuring works by emerging and established Michigan artists. Coming Home celebrates Michigan’s role as a platform for inspiration, exploration, and creative development by highlighting a diverse group of working artists. For the show, Allen produced "a few dozen small paintings and textile wall hangings that are packed with slapstick humor, riotous color, and an exuberant playfulness with materials."

Click here for a review by MLive of Kelly Allen's Coming Home exhibit

Click here for CulturedGR's article on Kelly Allen in Coming Home


11 LG artists participate in ArtPrize Eight

Grand Rapids, Sept 21 - Oct 9, 2016

Eleven artists represented at LaFontsee Galleries partnered with venues across Grand Rapids for ArtPrize Eight. These works will be on display throughout the community during the three week event, subject to thousands of attending audience, and qualifying for a number of awards.

In addition, two LG represented artists played important parts within curated ArtPrize venues. Michele Bosak, Curator of Exhibitions at the Fed Galleries of KCAD, brought us RE, exhibiting work about timely and critical issues of environmental and social responsibility. Tom Clinton had a major role in the development of SiTE:LAB Rumsey St. Project Everything is Transformed. Both venues were selected into the 2016 Jurors Shortlist for Outstanding Venue Award for Artprize Eight.


Karin Nelson featured in Acrylic Artist magazine

Acrylic Artist, Fall 2016

"Karin Nelson employs strong lines and shadows to create feelings of security, strength and beauty," tells Acrylic Artist's Managing Editor, Jennifer Smith. Her article entitled "Shadow Lover," features LG artist Karin Nelson in a Q&A style piece about Nelson's aesthetic and inspiration, along with beautiful images of her paintings. Nelson's painting “Can’t You See a Truck is Coming and Blowing its Horn?!" even landed the front cover of the issue.

This Fall issue of Acrylic Artist is available for mail order or digital download here.

Click Here to view artwork by Karin Nelson available now at LaFontsee Galleries.


"Artistic Curation" article interview featuring Linda LaFontsee

Women's Lifestyle; August 2016

A Q&A with Co-owner of LaFontsee Galleries, Linda LaFontsee, and Chief Curator at Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM), Ron Platt, reveals the process of curating art for an exhibition-like setting. The interview covers the individuals' duties within the gallery, as well as their broader influences on the local art community.

Click Here to view the article



readers vote LaFontsee Galleries as a "Best Local Art Gallery" in West Michigan

Revue; August 2016

In May 0f 2016, Revue magazine invited its readers to participate in an online poll of their favorite places, people and things of West Michigan. LaFontsee Galleries was recognized as a top 3" Best Local Art Gallery" in West Michigan. Thank you to all who voted! Congrats to our friends UICA and Richard App Gallery for being recognized as well.

Click Here to read about the 2016 Arts & Music winners

Gary McCourry presents the Beer City Saxophone Ensemble at LaFontsee Galleries

Grand Rapids Location, February 21, 2016 at 3pm

“This group performs compositions by bebop great Charlie Parker arranged in a ‘Supersax’ style for 5 saxophones and rhythm section,” explains baritone saxophonist and music instigator Gary McCourry, a gifted bandleader who returned to Grand Rapids after years of performing at the West Point U.S. Military Academy.

February's concert will treat us to a version of “Supersax”, which was a 1970’s-era Grammy-award winning ensemble performing harmonized versions of Charlie Parker solos. “The Beer City Saxophone Ensemble” includes jazz arrangements of standards, too, such as “Out of Nowhere,” “I Let A Song Go Out of My Heart,” and “It Could Happen to You.”

This concert promises an afternoon of high quality improvisation, driving swing and unmatched musical unity.

Because of the Beer City Saxophone Ensemble’s popularity with musicians they carry one additional saxophonist who switches in during the performance. In Sunday’s concert as part of the series curated by Lazaro Vega, you’ll hear saxophonists McCourry, Mike Lutley, Tom Lockwood, Tom Stansell, Greg Marsden and Bob Nixon, plus a rhythm section including pianist/composer Steve Talaga, bassist Joe Oprea and drummer Tim Froncek. Tom Lockwood, Gary McCourry and Steve Talaga were all part of the Adventure Music Concert Series debut in 2014 when they performed Talaga’s major work inspired by Linda Nemec Foster’s poetry, “Contemplating the Heavens.” continues to present music at the highest level of creativity in the intimate, listener friendly concert environment of LaFontsee Galleries at 833 Lake Drive SE, Grand Rapids, MI.

Other upcoming shows this season include Matt Ulery's Loom on Sunday March 20th at 3pm, and drummer/percussionists Adam Rudolph and Hamid Drake on Sunday April 12th, also at 3pm.

Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door, $10 for students with a student I.D. and Kids ages 12 and under are free. Please use the site to purchase advance tickets and to inquire about how you can insure the future of this series through a larger financial commitment. LaFontsee Galleries is wheelchair accessible.
Click Here and Here to view videos of the Beer City Saxophone Ensemble 

  More Information  • Click Here to purchase tickets


Live Jazz Returns to LaFontsee Galleries!

"The Underground Concert Series"; runs Sept 2015 through April 2016

By popular demand, LaFontsee Galleries and kicked off their second season of “The Underground Concert Series” Sunday, September 20th with "The Chicago Project". A big thank you to all who attended!

This series brings world class jazz musicians together from all over the country, some from even further away. Well known jazz artists such as Adam Rudolph, Hamid Drake, the Gary McCourry Saxophone Ensemble and the Matt Ulery large chamber jazz ensemble are highlights of this season, which runs September 2015 through April 2016. More details to come, visit our events page for up to date concert information.

“Bringing art and improvisational jazz together at the same place and time produces a whole that’s larger than the sum of its parts” explains gallery owner Scott LaFontsee, “We’re glad to participate and bring cutting edge Jazz to West Michigan.” This jazz series is the result of collaboration between LaFontsee Galleries, and Jazz Director at Blue Lake Public Radio, Lazaro Vega.
Tickets are $25 at the door, $10 for students with a student I.D. card. Children ages 12 and under are free.

Click Here for concert dates & info    

"The Chicago Project" Review

By Lazaro Vega, review of 2015 season debut

Sometimes, you just need to be ready. Ready to listen and accept what you’re hearing. When trombonist/composer Steve Swell and his musical partner for 14 years tenor saxophonist/bass clarinetist Gebhard Ullmann start their concerts, the begin improvising. Freely.
That’s how the second season of the Underground Series at LaFontsee Gallery presented by in Grand Rapids began Sunday afternoon, September 20th – with quiet long tones shaped by tension and release in free time. Though the trombonist and saxophonist have appeared a number of times in west Michigan starting in 2004 with bassist Hillard Greene and drummer Barry Altschul, who have their own authentic identity, this ensemble was going somewhere else.

This time was different. This time was new. Yes, cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm and percussionist Michael Zerang have played together for 20 years, but the first tour integrating their Chicago bred-concepts with Swell and Ullmann’s compositions and instrumental methodologies was right here, right now. Thus the band’s title: The Chicago Plan.

In those quiet long tones rising and flexing like crescents of fine bending metal, Swell’s extended high register trombone sounds, colored by mutes and uncanny breath control, disappeared into the cello’s bowed notes, long sounds colored by subtle electronics, which Zerang commented on with perfect obbligatos, lovely fills from the drums, and Ullmann fuzzed up with bass clarinet overtones.  As 10 minutes or so slipped by the band combined
and recombined in instrumentation – trombone, cello, percussion; trombone, bass clarinet, cello; cello, drums, full ensemble – rising and falling in
dynamic level, until the rhythmic counterpoint based in intervals characteristic of Ullmann’s compositions arrived as the piece “Deja vu.” Then they just kicked ass.

You could sense those in the audience who weren’t ready, who were lost, grabbed for that theme like a life ring. Here now was jazz energy. Here was meticulous virtuosity. Here was wild, driving rhythm and horns in a front-line part. Here was free jazz. Stopping on a dime, returning to the previous mood. Finding a way to end. The ebb and flow of formal composition and instantaneous improvisation is what makes this approach to music making so exciting, especially when it works as well as it did on Sunday.

Swell’s series of “Composite” compositions continues to expand. On Sunday, the newest, “Composite
#10,” began with Michael Zerang’s solo for metal candy dish. Not kidding. He laid the 12 or so inch silver
dish on the snare drum, held it with his left hand and used a tympani mallet or drum stick with this right to whack the metal into music. He’d dampen the sound, bend the sound, let it rattle on the drum, and created a melodic structure by doing so. He took his time. Eventually that melody idea came to range across the drum set (Zerang plays with a middle-Eastern rhythmic accent at times, which, to over simplify, you know from “Blue Rondo a la Turk” – dancing in 11 and 9). By staying on the drum kit and using the cymbals for accents, Zerang propelled us into Swell’s suite-like excursion which, after more than 15 minutes of amazing, high energy development, came to rest on Lonberg-Holm’s “cello” solo.

Quotation marks because it was more about Holm’s manipulation via electronics of sound, sound looping and squealing, thumping and unplugging -- zap! -- chorusing and thickening and screaming and mewing, than it was a “straight” cello solo.  Returning to the long tones that gave rise to his episode in the first place, Holm bridged a return to structure and the band took it out.

Ullmann’s “Variations on a Master Plan Part 2” was the lone purely quiet piece in the concert – there was the sense of autumn in the cello’s downcast color. Swell’s “Rule #1” is a bit similar to his composition “Box Set,” which is hard driving, inspired by alto saxophonist Jimmy Lyons, though elastic in time sense. Zerang was up for the challenge, as propelling a high energy jazz cymbal sound as you’ll ever hear. And if you know Ullmann’s “7-9-8,” which rocks a funky tipping point between 7/8 and 9/8 time signatures with extra sensory unison parts for sax and trombone, you would have enjoyed the concert closer “Variations Part 3.”

Ullmann and Swell have developed a challenging rapport over the years.  Their moments of collective improvisation -- whether in rhythmic counterpoint or unison fly overs – would strain even the most practiced chops. That they do it for fun is our delight.

Whether entirely bemused or completely bewitched, Sunday’s crowd stayed through to the end -- because, really, “what is going to happen next?” is a powerful attention getter-- then swarmed the band with a prolonged standing ovation. indeed.

Review written by Lazaro Vega - Jazz Director, Blue Lake Public Radio




Kellner "Birds in Art" & American Art Collector Feature

American Art Collector; September 2015

"I'm honored to be a part of such a prestigious international exhibition of aviary artwork," says LG artist Justin Kellner. "It represents the achievement of a life goal for myself.” he speaks of his involvement in the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum’s 40th Anniversary "Birds in Art" exhibition. Kellner's art was chosen to be a part of this exclusive show that features work by 123 of the world’s most talented artists. It celebrates the very best contemporary artistic interpretations of birds and related subject matter. Works will be shown at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum from September 12 to November 29th.

This exhibition is also featured in American Art Collector’s September issue, highlighting Justin’s work.

Click Here to view magazine


Golden Townie Award, "Best Place to Buy Original Art"

On-The-Town, Townie Awards, 2015

A big Thank You to On-the-Town readers and voters; LaFontsee Galleries was voted “Best Place to Buy Original Art” and received the Golden Townie Award this year. We’re glad to be a part of the West Michigan Art scene and it’s an honor to receive this award. Congratulations to the Reeds Lake Clothesline Art Festival for being recognized as well.

Click Here to view magazine

Rick Stevens Featured in American Art Collector Magazine

Endless Possibilites, American Art Collector; May 2015

Way to go LG artist Rick Stevens! We like this article & how it works to unravel the "mystery" behind his work.   “As a boy, Stevens would sit and watch his father as he painted in plein air and would spend hours hiking and canoeing. “I dropped out for a while,” he explains. “My parents had some property, and it was an opportunity to get away from everything.” Today he hikes in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in northern New Mexico, sometimes setting up camp, and always sketching and painting. He responds first to the light and “how it falls on forms. Different kinds of light change the visual experience.”
“In painting, there’s always a danger of the work getting formulaic. I want to get to fresh territory, even if it gets uncomfortable there. It’s part of what makes it engaging. I like the element of surprise - something that looks right once it’s been integrated into a piece, but something that takes it beyond the predictable. I want to make sure that I’m doing something that has endless variety, like nature itself.”

Click Here to read the full article

Inspiring Framing Project Near Completion

Patient-made artwork reframed and installed by LaFontsee Galleries at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Center;
May 2015

Not only did Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Center recently celebrate the grand opening of their new building, but the artwork inside received a facelift as well. Lafontsee Galleries is happy to share in the excitement of the renovation, and has been working on reframing and installing mostly patient-made artwork for the new and the old buildings for the better part of a year now. More than 200 pieces of art have been reframed and will be installed in the final wings of the new building mid May.

LaFontsee Galleries is so appreciative of all the positive comments received while working in the space. “Everyone thinks it’s new art. A testament to what new framing and placement can do!” says Linda LaFontsee. We’re happy to take part in this project that provides a cheerful, inspiring and uplifting environment, promoting recovery and wellness.

Click Here to view photos

Jazz Master Completes LaFontsee Series: In the News

By Tom Hagan, Grand Rapids Press; April 2015

"According to (Lazaro) Vega, the Harrison Bankhead Quartet is part of a "Post-Coltrane Continuum, a branch of jazz that was blossoming in the 1960's in Detroit, Chicago, and New York, and continued to evolve long after Coltrane died. It's very street, from the street, very raw. It's an evolving tradition that continues to be expanded upon."

The article also mentions the early days of LaFontsee Galleries, reflecting upon the great jazz musicians who gathered crowds of more than 180 people, from all over the state. Larzaro commenting with, "The crowd loved it. We just had so much fun. This (new series) is a chance to do that again. I hope young people come out. This is something you can't get from the mass media."

Be sure to join us Sunday, May 3rd @ 3pm for this exciting final show of this season's Underground Concert Series.

Click Here to read the full article

Jazz at LaFontsee Galleries: In the News

By Tommy Allen, Rapid Growth Media; March 2015

GRAND RAPIDS —There is no shortage of music events in traditional art institution settings, from the GRAM's classical music series to the many performance halls around the city. We have even become accustomed to pop-up venues, with events from Hugo Claudin's Mexicains Sans Frontieres to the neighborhood house-based festival LampLight to the too-many-to-list individual house concerts hosted in our region.

What has been missing is a place that I recall from my time in cities like New York and Washington – a place where musicians perform in the intimate setting of a tiny art gallery.

Our region's venue desert ended earlier this year when LaFontsee Galleries of Grand Rapids (and Douglas) committed to a new Sunday Jazz concert series at their 833 Lake Drive SE gallery location. 

The Underground Series harkens back to a nostalgic time period when they were known as The Underground Studio (and before the name change to LaFontsee Galleries). This new Sunday concert series seeks to strengthen our region's ties to the up-and-coming jazz acts passing through our region. It also helps to educate locals who are showing no let up in their desire for live jazz music, as venues all over the city continue to see more and more programming added to their offerings.

When Charlie Kohlhase's Chicago Explorer’s Club arrives in Grand Rapids for Sunday's concert, they will have just finished a two-day (and sure to be sold out event) at Chicago’s infamous Green Mill. What makes this visit special and perfect for the gallery setting is that, just like many of the works here are one of a kind, Charlie Kohlhase's Explorer's Club acts as a kind of doorman; he welcomes in guest artists via a revolving door on this ever-changing (thus never the same act twice) band. It is what others have come to love and enjoy from the bandleader. He simply brings out the best in the musicians as well as in venues where they perform. 

Charlie Kohlhase, who plays the alto, tenor & baritone saxophones, will be joined at this special concert by East Coast musician Aaron Darrell, bass; two premier Chicago improvisers, James Falzone, clarinet, and Tim Daisy, drums; plus the former New York trumpeter Russ Johnson, who now teaches at the University of Wisconsin Parkside in Kenosha.

Looking ahead, be sure to save the date of Sunday, May 3rd at 3 p.m., when The Underground Series welcomes Chicago bassist Harrison Bankhead’s Quartet featuring saxophonists Mars Williams and Edward Wilkerson, Jr., and drummer Avreeayl Ra.

Admission: $20 in advance, $10 for students with a student I.D. and $25 at the door.


Grand Rapids Location, February 15, March 22, & May 3, 2015

LaFontsee Galleries and present a new series of improvised jazz concerts called "The Underground Concert Series", held at LaFontsee Galleries' Grand Rapids location. Join us for this exciting revival of the 1990's concert series that took place at our previous "Underground Studio" location.

FEBRUARY 15th at 3pm - The Underground Concert Series debuts with “Contemplating the Heavens.” Composer Steve Talaga has arranged music for a jazz quintet and string quartet to accompany poet Linda Nemec Foster, as she reads from her chapbook “Contemplating the Heavens”. Recorded in 2006, “Contemplating the Heavens” unites music and poetry in a spiritual reflection of our place in the cosmos and the cosmos' place inside each of us. The original studio recording, however, did not include Linda Nemec Foster reading, making this concert event a unique opportunity to experience the highly creative fusion of poetry and music. For more information about Linda Nemec Foster, visit, more on Steve Talaga, visit
Click Here to view photos from this event
Click Here to view event poster

MARCH 22nd at 3pm - The second concert in this inaugural season takes place on Sunday, March 22nd at 3 p.m. with Charlie Kohlhase's Chicago Explorers Club featuring the Boston/Cambridge area leader Charlie Kohlhase on alto, tenor & baritone saxophones; James Falzone, clarinet; Aaron Darrell, bass; Tim Daisy, drums; and Russ Johnson, trumpet. Coming off of two nights at Chicago’s famed Green Mill, the Explorer’s Club promises an afternoon of adventurous, freewheeling, high interaction jazz. According to Stuart Kremsky from Cadence Magazine "...this wild goulash of Free Jazz bluster, neo-Bebop discipline, and a nutty irreverence is quite a trip..." For more information on Charlie Kohlhase, click here. More information is also available for James Falzone, Aaron Darrell, Tim Daisy and Russ Johnson.
Click Here to view photos from this event
Click Here to view event poster

MAY 3rd at 3pm - The final show of this season's Underground Concert Series will set stage Sunday, May 3rd at 3 p.m. with Chicago bassist Harrison Bankhead’s Quartet featuring saxophonists Mars Williams and Edward Wilkerson, Jr.; plus drummer Avreeayl Ra.
Click Here to view event poster

In collaboration with -- “Dedicated to the exploration of unique live music” -- The Underground Concert Series will present a concert each October, then February, March and April. Tickets are $20 in advance, $10 for students with a student I.D., and $25 at the door. Kids ages 12 and under are free. Advance tickets available only from This concert series is curated, in part, by Lazaro Vega, Jazz Director, Blue Lake Public Radio.

Click Here to purchase concert tickets

New LG Artist Marissa Voytenko: Solo Show @ FHFAC

Reception Feb 12th 6-7pm, exhibition running Feb 4th - Feb 27th, 2015

Having recently joined LaFontsee Galleries' family of artists, Marissa Voytenko will be displaying her work in a solo show at Forest Hills Fine Arts Center February 4th - 27th. Come out for the reception on February 12th from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. For location information, click here

Marissa has a keen interest in the concept structures and systems. Her visual language includes repeating squares and grids as a basic foundation for her work. “I am comfortable with structure – it’s the chaos or assumed chaos that I am uncomfortable with. But, beauty often emerges in what seems messy or chaotic and if there is too much of the same it becomes boring." states Marissa.

Voytenko’s medium of choice is encaustic - an ancient tradition that predates painting with oils. Pigments are added to a molten mix of beeswax and damar resin, and painted onto a wooden surface while hot. She also incorporates music sheets, pages from poetry books and children's drawings in her work along with other mixed media elements.

Click Here to view Marissa Voytenko's work

When and Where to Find Jazz in Grand Rapids

By Kirsetin Morello, Experience GR; February 5th, 2015

GRAND RAPIDS - On any given night of the week in Grand Rapids you can find a place to soothe your soul with live jazz. Just grab your coat and take your pick. Here’s a sampling of where you’ll find it:


On February 15 at 3:00 p.m., you can catch the inaugural concert in LaFontsee Galleries’ Underground Concert Series presented in collaboration by A string quartet and jazz quintet with arrangements composed by Steve Talaga will accompany poet Linda Nemec Foster while she reads from her composition “Contemplating the Heavens.”

“The idea for this series is a throwback to the 1990s,” says Megan Dupuy, Marketing and Communications at LaFontsee Galleries. “We had a series with the same title when we were at our old location on Monroe.” During that era, the Underground Concert Series featured artists like Roscoe Mitchell, Reggie Workman, Nels Cline, Regina Carter, Ken Vandermark and the late Fred Anderson. “We’re excited to get to it again!” says Dupuy.

One unique aspect of the LaFontsee series is that they feature improvisational jazz. “These concerts bring in musicians from all over the place,” explains Dupuy. “The musicians may or may not have played together before. In a lot of cases, they haven’t. So it’s very creative.”

The second concert in the series is scheduled for March 22 at 3 p.m. and will feature Charlie Kohlhase’s Chicago Explorers Club. The May event is still being scheduled. “Our plan for next year to have a concert in October [2015], February, March, and April,” says Dupuy.

Tickets for each concert are $20 in advance, $10 for students with a student I.D. and $25 at the door. Tickets are available at

This article covers jazz concerts throughout the city as well: West Michigan Jazz Society’s (WMJS) Monday Night Jazz Series, Jazz at the Zoo, Founders Brewing Co, Jazz at the B.O.B., Grand Jazz Fest, St Cecilia’s Jazz Series, and more.

Click Here to read the full article
Click Here for more info on the Underground Concert Series

Being Our Authentic Selves: Christy DeHoog

By Jennifer Reynolds, West Michigan Woman; September 2014

Congratulations Christy DeHoog! Longtime LG artist Christy DeHoog, was featured in the September issue of West Michigan Woman Magazine, for her involvement in ArtPrize 2014. This Fall her entry “Dinner Party” finds itself at home at the Grand Rapids Downtown Market, it was created especially for the venue. Christy enjoys that ArtPrize provides a new space, outside of the traditional museum or gallery, for people to enjoy art.

Click Here to view full article
Click Here to view DeHoog's 2014 ArtPrize piece "Dinner Party"

LG voted “Best Place to Buy Original Art”

On-The-Town, Townie Awards, 2014

The results are in, LaFontsee Galleries has been presented with the Golden Townie Award for “Best Place to Buy Original Art”. Thank You OTT readers & voters, we’re glad to be a part of the West Michigan Art scene and it’s an honor to receive this award. Also must mention, about On The Town Magazine - love the new look & size for Summer 2014! Congratulations to Richard App Gallery as well for being recognized for the same award!

Click Here to view magazine.


Bushwick NYC to West Michigan

July 2nd, 7:00pm, LaFontsee Galleries, Grand Rapids Location

GRAND RAPIDS - LaFontsee Galleries, Muskegon Museum of Art, Richard App Gallery and Fire Barn Gallery have collaborated to host, “Preliminary Study: RSI-T (part 2),” Art Exhibit from Brooklyn, NYC.

You’re invited! Join us Wednesday, July 2nd, at LaFontsee Galleries Grand Rapids location for the 7:00 art viewing and 7:30 panel discussion on “How Art Describes Evolution as it’s Happening,” hosted by Naomi Lev (Curator of the show), Kevin Buist, Mark Holzbach, and Chris Protas.

This show originated at SLAG Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and features a range of media by international artists, addressing the effects of modern technology on the evolution of the human body and mind.

Come out, enjoy the art, and get in on the discussion! Admission is free and several participating artists will be there.

Additional Show Dates:
June 30th, 6-9 pm Opening in Grand Haven at The Fire Barn Gallery
July 1st, 6-7:30 pm Opening at The Muskegon Museum of Art
July 2nd, 6 pm Opening in Grand Rapids at Richard App Gallery
July 2nd, 7 pm Opening in Grand Rapids at LaFontsee Galleries
Naomi Lev will be giving a presentation at all above listed openings

For more information please visit:


Tony Rōkō Named Best Fine Artist 2014

Hour Detroit Magazine, June Issue, 2014

DETROIT - Every year, Hour Detroit readers & subscribers submit their picks for the Best of Detroit reader’s poll. This year, LG artist Tony Rōkō, has been voted 2014's “Best Fine Artist” for all of the Detroit Metro area.
Congratulations, Tony!

Click Here to view Tony Rōkō's work
Click Here to view the complete article


Michelle Newman Places Second in Exhibition

Muskegon Museum of Art, May 2014

MUSKEGON - Congratulations to LG artist, Michelle Newman, "Mid-Century Muse" (pictured left) placed second in the Muskegon Museum of Art's 86th Regional Exhibition!

On view through August 20th, 2014

Click Here to view Michelle Newman's work
Click Here to view the complete list of winners


Missy Morrow's Art on Cover of "On The Town"

On-The-Town, May Issue, 2014

GRAND RAPIDS - LaFontsee Gallery artist Missy Morrow’s art will be featured on the cover of
"On The Town" Magazine this month!

Birds, flowers, bicycles and other recreational subjects often find themselves painted on Missy's canvases.
Her pieces set up a whimsical scene that tells a story and captures a pleasant moment, refreshing and uplifting the viewer.

Click Here to view Missy Morrow's work
Click Here to view the full cover



Marianna Heule & Carl Forslund @ Mayor Heartwell's Office

Exhibition in Mayor's Suite, City Hall

GRAND RAPIDS - The beautiful soft pastel landscapes of Marianna Heule & Carl Forslund have been selected to go on temporary installment in Mayor Heartwell’s office.

Click Here to view works by Marianna Heule
Click Here to view works by Carl Forslund

out of the polar vortex

Digging Out of the Polar Vortex

By Kerri VanderHoff, REVUE; March 2014

GRAND RAPIDS - Winter in Michigan, especially the one we just experienced, leaves quite an impression. While beautiful outside, it tends to encourage a bit of hibernation in us as well, a yin to summer's yang. It influences who we are and what we do, creating a particular rhythm in the Midwestern way of life, a common bond among us. LaFontsee Galleries took note and decided to organize an exhibition around this very theme.

"Out of the Polar Vortex" opens Friday, March 7 with a reception from 5-8 p.m. It's a casual event and admission is free. Guests can meet the artists and view a selection of works created over the winter season.

According to gallery owner Scott LaFontsee, the title of the show has multiple meanings, something they wanted to have a little fun with. "As Michigan residents, we are coming out of the winter season and ready to get out and socialize, and the gallery spaces offer a great place to do just that," he said. "But winter is also a time that many artists spend hours inside working on new pieces. The exhibition features artwork that comes out of that process."

LaFontsee said while the artists featured in this group exhibition are extremely varied in the use of technique, materials and other aspects, it is interesting to see that making art during the months of January and February, as they have common theme: a yearning for the coming spring...

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LG Artist Tony Rōkō: In the News

eightWest, Wood TV8, News Channel 3 WMMT; March 2014

GRAND RAPIDS - LaFontsee Gallery artist Tony Rōkō was featured in the news twice last week, discussing his involvement in our show,
"Out of The Polar Vortex" and a few famous commissions of his.

eightWest News 3

Click Here to view more of Tony Rōkō's Work.

2014 award

BEST of GR: LG voted "Best Art Gallery" 2014

Grand Rapids Magazine 2014 Readers Poll

Thank you Grand Rapids! LaFontsee Galleries has been voted “Best Art Gallery” again for 2014, Thank You for the continued support!

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Toni Swarthout Goes Red

By Michelle Jones | Nashville Arts Magazine; February 2014

East Nashville-based painter Toni Swarthout goes back and forth between lush abstracts and print-like paintings of trees. This winter she’s exhibiting both types of work in the name of the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women campaign to raise awareness of women’s heart health.

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Click Here to view Toni Swarthout's Work

Justin Kellner on Display at Calvin (106) Gallery

"reCollect" exhibition running Jan 10th - Feb 7th

GRAND RAPIDS - "reCollect" Solo Show on display, works by Award Winning local artist Justin Kellner. Stop by (106) Gallery and check it out, running through February 7th.

(106) Gallery Hours are Wednesday 1–9pm, Thursday & Friday 1–6pm.

Click Here
for more information
Click Here to view Justin Kellner's work

'My Symphony 360' Launch Party @ LG

Grand Rapids Location, Monday November 18th, 5:30-8:30 p.m.

Calling all young professionals! You're invited to stop by the gallery on November 18th for the "MySymphony360" launch party, sponsored and put on by the Grand Rapids Symphony. Complimentary Hors d'oeuvre and Beverages will be provided & admission is free, but limited spaces are available. If you are interested in attending this event, RSVP here. Party is limited to the first 300 respondents.

In efforts to build membership and attendance with the younger crowd, the Grand Rapids Symphony has been working with young professionals to design the "MySymphony360" membership program. It's aimed at professionals ages 21-35, giving members access to great seats for most Symphony performances at a discounted rate and a whole package of benefits including social, networking and learning opportunities.

Questions? Call Sam at 616.454.9451, Ext. 110, or email

LG voted “Best Place to Buy Original Art”

On-The-Town, Townie Awards, 2013

The Results are in, LaFontsee Galleries has been presented with the Golden Townie Award for
“Best Place to Buy Original Art”! Also, the gallery has tied for Silver Townie Award
“Best Place to Buy Gifts/Objects d'Art”, Thank You for the continued support Grand Rapids!

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klcoMegan Klco Painting Live + Taste of Art Tour

Douglas Location, Saturday June 29th 2013, 5:00-8:00 p.m.

DOUGLAS – Meet the Artist! Megan Klco will be painting live at LaFontsee Galleries Douglas location!
Klco continues to emerge as one of LaFontsee Galleries’ most sought-after artists. A Michigan native, her paintings are rooted in her impressions of day-to-day experiences in Grand Rapids.
Stop by on Saturday June 29th from 5:00-8:00pm for both the live painting event and the 'Taste of Art' tour.

"Art's a Trip, Enjoy the Ride", Climb aboard the trolley for the "Taste of Art" tour. The unique chance to visit four galleries in one evening will open your eyes to a wide range of work. Just hop on or off the trolley as it circles around all four galleries: Armstrong-De Graaf Int'l Fine Art, Button-Petter Gallery, LaFontsee Galleries and Water Street Gallery. "Taste of Art" tours will continue throughout the season, on July 20th & August 10th.

Click Here to view Megan Klco’s Work
Click Here
to view Upcoming Events, including "Taste of Art" tours

James Karsina & Megan Klco on Display @ Kendall

Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University, Grand Rapids, MI

GRAND RAPIDS – “Contemporaries: Then and Now | The Gordon Collection & West Michigan Painters” visit this art exhibition at Kendall College and view works by celebrated & distinctly local LaFontsee Gallery Artists James Karsina and Megan Klco.

This show features more than seventy-five paintings by past and present artists of Michigan, and documents more than one-hundred years of painting in the region. Stop by and have a look, on display from June 19th through July 12th.

Kendall Gallery Hours are: Wed-Fri 12-5.

Click Here
to view James Karsina’s Work
Click Here to view Megan Klco’s Work

From One Designer to Another

Herman Miller Greenhouse Facility, Holland, MI

Design Guru Bruce Mau's work is being installed below in Herman Miller's Greenhouse Facility. Our installation crew enjoyed working on this project because they got the chance to facilitate one designers vision into the modern architecture found in Herman Miller's Greenhouse lobby. The 88 piece collection was placed in a grid spanning 3 staggered walls using the "French Cleat" hanging method.
Click Here to view more LaFontsee Galleries corporate projects.

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James Karsina Reception Photos

GRAND RAPIDS - “In Retrospect”, solo exhibition for James Karsina opened on Friday Feb 22nd, have a look at pictures from the opening reception event to the right.

From delicate drawings on paper to bold acrylics on canvas, this exhibition will be running through March 23rd 2013 at LaFontsee Galleries Grand Rapids Location.

Click Here to view more on James Karsina.

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Curtis Miller @ Mayor Heartwell's Office

Exhibition in Mayor's Suite, City Hall

GRAND RAPIDS - From lakeshores to farmlands, Curtis Miller's landscape photography has been selected to go on temporary installment in Mayor Heartwell’s office.

“Curtis Miller prints his dramatic images on a scale so large that it allows the viewer to enter his rich Michigan shorelines and empty farmlands.  Composed with an expert eye, his photographs stir the viewer with their depth and moodiness.  His enveloping images stretch across the full length of watercolor paper, allowing for a shared experience with the artist.”

Click Here to view Curtis Miller’s photography.

Artist Spotlight: Rebecca Green

GRAND RAPIDS - LaFontsee Galleries Celebrates Rebecca Green in this month’s Artist Spotlight!
Click Here to view Rebecca Green’s webpage

"If you want to eat a whole jar of sprinkles in one sitting, do it. And do not feel guilty"
- Rebecca Green

Heartwarming yet melancholic, the illustrations of Rebecca Green have interested LaFontsee Galleries clients and staff alike. Using muted tones like those found in vintage picture books, she tackles themes of childhood, exploration, and the vast universe in which we exist, breaking them into recognizable moments.

A Michigan native, Rebecca Green recently moved across the country to Arizona. Finding inspiration in the differences, she explains, “The climates, terrain, and wild life differ so much between these places, and I think it opened my eyes to exploring new ideas of comfort and home, and our place in the world”.

Rebecca Green actively supports organizations that advocate for animal rights. Her artwork can be found in many public and private collections throughout West Michigan including Saugatuck Center for the Arts, All Species Kinship, Camfed, The Hospitality House, and Grand Valley State Humane Society.

Rebecca Green’s work now on display at LaFontsee Galleries as part of the “Go Figure” exhibition running through February 16th 2013.

click here to view Rebecca Green's webpage
click here for more info on "Go Figure"

BEST of GR: LG voted “Best Art Gallery” 2013

Grand Rapids Magazine 2013 Readers Poll

The Results are in, LaFontsee Galleries has been voted “Best Art Gallery” again for 2013, Thank You for the continued support Grand Rapids!

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Jason Quigno: Native American Sculptor

New York Museum of Arts and Design Feature

LaFontsee Galleries artist Jason Quigno was featured in: Changing Hands: Art Without Reservation 3, New York Museum of Arts and Design. The book brings together a collection of contemporary Native North American art from the Northeast and Southeast. Click here to view feature

The sculpture featured is a 6 foot tall pillar carved out of Indiana Limestone. Several of Quigno's pillars are currently on display in our Grand Rapids gallery. Please visit Quigno's Webpage to view more of his work.


Riding the Wave: Gallery Turns 25

By Alexandra Fluegel| Grand Rapids Magazine; October 2012 Issue

GRAND RAPIDS - LaFontsee Galleries has been a cornerstone in the West Michigan art scene for a quarter of a
century - a milestone Scott and Linda LaFontsee want to celebrate with the community.

They're also riding a wave of momentum since moving their Grand Rapids gallery to a larger space and opening a second gallery in Douglas last year. "Staff has been upbeat and all of the artists have picked up their game," Scott LaFontsee said. "They can feel it." In Douglas, the gallery has hosted a variety of successful events and exhibitions, including evenings of art and jazz and live paint-ins where artists create work on the spot.

The new space has allowed the addition of new work. An outside pavilion features sculptural work that LaFontsee said has increased the purchase and interest in 3-D work. Additionally, beginning this year, the gallery staff will curate a 20x20 space in the front of the building that is fully visible from outside due to two glass walls. Art 2020 will feature conceptual work based on submissions from artists.

This month, the Grand Rapids gallery will host a 25th anniversary party, featuring new work from more than 50 artists. LaFontsee said it will be a big celebration and will offer a taste of what's to come. "We're excited to participate, learn and share."

Click here to view full article

Artist Spotlight: Missy Morrow

GRAND RAPIDS - LaFontsee Galleries Celebrates Missy Morrow in this month’s Artist Spotlight!
Congratulations Missy!! Click Here to view Missy Morrow’s webpage

Read on to learn about some of the tools, innovations and inspirations that make Missy the unique artist she is. “Painting Defrag” Just like a Disc Defrag cleans up your computer, Morrow sets foot in her studio, begins to paint and experiences a sense of “Mental Defrag”. She considers painting a personal necessity, always taking the time to let ideas flow & capturing them on canvas. “Adult Jazz Hands” happen often in Morrow’s painting classes, when adult students flail their hands in excitement because something clicked. She enjoys connecting artists with their inner child, and has been teaching acrylic painting classes at the Muskegon Museum of Art and the Nuveen Center for the Arts for years. “Dry Wall Tools & Credit Cards” may sound like a peculiar group of painting tools, but they are Missy Morrow’s top choice to achieve the intense texture and depth in her contemporary backgrounds.

A love for both technology and nature make Morrow’s work unique. Tech inspired geometric backgrounds breathe contemporary life into classically painted birds. Notable venues such as the Holland Area Arts Council, the GRAM, and the Muskegon Museum of Art have shown her contemporary pieces. Missy has donated works to many non-profits, served as a volunteer in the Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts, and participated in ArtPrize, among other community involvement.

Come see Missy Morrow Paint Live! August 11th 1:00-7:00pm @ our Douglas Gallery! She will be working on several paintings, in several stages - so you can see her process. Feel free to ask any questions you have about her work, technique, or her “Painting Defrag” theory!
Click Here for more info on this event

Barbara McCleary @ Mayor Heartwell's Office

Exhibition in Grand Rapids Mayor's Suite, City Hall

GRAND RAPIDS – LaFontsee Gallery artist, Barbara McCleary is in the public eye this month, her impressionistic landscapes are on exhibition in Mayor Heartwell’s office, running through October 2012. McCleary’s paintings have been acclaimed from coast to coast and are gaining international acknowledgment. She has won the Grumbacher Award for the National Society of Artists in Houston, Texas, Placed first at the Mid-Michigan Art Guild Competition in Owosso, Michigan, and was a part of the Mother Lode National 29th Annual Art Exhibition in Placerville, California.

LaFontsee Galleries has proudly represented Barbara for over a decade, congratulations Barbara, your experience and talent make you a great fit for this installment. Click here to view Barbara McCleary's Artwork 

The Power of Pattern

Running through August 24th, 2012

DOUGLAS - Come to our Douglas location and view original artwork bursting with pattern & design! We’ve brought together an outstanding group of local and national artists who have created inspiring geometric layouts, textures and powerful patterns, a collection you won’t want to miss!

Click here for more info

art and all that jazzArt & All That Jazz

Saturday July 14th 2012, 3:00-8:00 p.m.

DOUGLAS - Visit our Douglas location and enjoy Art & All That Jazz!
1 Day 2 Events :: 3:00-8:00 Justin Kellner Painting Live :: 6:00-8:00 Edye Evans Hyde Live Jazz Performance!!
Come by and chat with local award winning artist Justin Kellner as he puts brush to canvas. 2011 West Michigan Jazz Society Musician of the Year Edye Evans Hyde will be performing live with a jazz trio as well, hope to see you there!

ArtPrize 2012 Poster Reveal Event @ LaFontsee Galleries

GRAND RAPIDS - It's Back! ArtPrize 2012 is around the corner and judging by the buzz at the recent poster reveal event, 2012 is anticipated to be a spectacular season for ArtPrize! The event pictured to the right took place on May 7th, 2012 at LaFontsee Galleries Grand Rapids location. ArtPrize posters are now available for purchase at the gallery. Give us a call for details 616.451.9820.  


Click Here to view 2012, 2011, 2010 & 2009 ArtPrize poster designs available for purchase.

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Artist Spotlight: Justin Kellner

GRAND RAPIDS - LaFontsee Galleries is proud of their artists. And some make it so easy!
Justin Kellner, local artist and welcome addition to the LaFontsee Gallery family continues to add vibrancy and advocate growth within the West Michigan art community. Help us in thanking him and acknowledging what makes Justin so great!

Kellner grew up in Menominee, Ml, and had a rich appreciation of what makes Michigan a unique and fragile ecosystem. Perhaps it's this voice that has made him so relevant in art exhibitions throughout the state:

First Place Award Winner @ All Michigan All Media Visual Arts Competition , Holland Area Art, 2011
First Place Award Winner @ Juried Fine Arts Exhibition, Crooked Tree Arts Center, 2010
Directors Choice Award Winner @ 83rd Regional Exhibition, Muskegon Museum of Art, 2011
Click Here to view Justin's webpage.

In addition to his personal accolades, Justin has worked as an art instructor, teaching everything from youth cartoon classes to adult outdoor drawing. He also participated in Live Coverage benefiting the UICA, and "A Conscious Benefit", supporting national nonprofit Farm Sanctuary.

So what's next for Justin Kellner you might ask? An opportunity to meet you for starters! We are pleased to announce Justin will join us in our Douglas location for "Art and All That Jazz!" Saturday July 14th from 3:00-8:00pm. Don't miss out on this opportunity to see the artist paint before your very eyes while discussing his method, and inspiration behind his current body of work. Live Jazz music will also be hosted from 6:00-8:00pm. This is an event you won't want to miss! Click Here for more info.


douglas event may 2012 First Summer Event in Douglas: Art Opening

Running through June 7th, 2012

DOUGLAS - Come out and Celebrate! First Summer Exhibition of the season at our Douglas Location. Come out and experience Lake Michigan's Art Coast, just a 40 minute drive south of Grand Rapids in Douglas, MI.

Click Here for more info


karsina James Karsina @ Mayor Heartwell's Office

Exhibition in Mayor's Suite, City Hall

GRAND RAPIDS - The spotlight fell on James Karsina this month when Heartwell’s office contacted LaFontsee Galleries to orchestrate a temporary installment. With over 45 years experience as a professional artist and with art collections scattered across the globe, James Karsina's work was a good fit for the installment. Congratulations James!

Click Here to view James Karsina artwork.


shop hop Holiday Shop Hop 2011

LaFontsee Galleries Participates in Shop Hop 2011
December 1st, 2011 5:00 - 10:00 p.m.

GRAND RAPIDS - Save the date! Holiday Shop Hop is coming - on the same night as our Small Works Exhibition Opening!

The four vibrant business districts of Uptown (East Hills, East Fulton, Wealthy Street and Eastown) are decking the halls for the best shopping night of the year! LaFontsee Galleries is partnering with Shop Hop 2011, Gift certificates available for purchase. Free gift wrapping. Free trolley service. We hope to see you there! Happy Holidays!!


small-worksSmall Works By Enormously Talented Artists

Running Through December 31st, 2011

GRAND RAPIDS - This is our 5th Annual exhibition of original works suitable for gift giving. We’re showcasing artworks of all genre and in all media — from realistic to abstract, landscape to whimsical, paintings to sculpture — all in small or miniature sizes. Free Admission. Everyone is Welcome. Dress is Casual. Click Here to view Featured Small Works

833 Lake Drive SE, Grand Rapids MI 49506, call (616) 451-9820 for details. Happy Holidays!


small business saturday Small Business Saturday

LaFontsee Galleries Participates in SBS 2011
November 26, 2011 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

GRAND RAPIDS - Visit the Galleries East Hills location to experience an unmatched shopping experience. Locally hand crafted gifts - from women's jewelry to men's time pieces. Don't have time to gift-wrap? Our friendly staff will be on hand wrapping gifts at no extra charge. LaFontsee Galleries will be opening its doors to celebrate Small Business Saturday on Saturday November 26th @ 10:00 a.m. 833 Lake Drive SE, Grand Rapids MI 49506, call (616) 451-9820 for details.


on the newsLocal Business Spotlight

Paul Jendrasiak,; WZZM 13

GRAND RAPIDS — "Artists are really our life blood. As our #1 supplier we couldn’t be a great gallery without great artists," said gallery owner Scott Lafontsee to's interviewer Paul Jendrasiak. Click Here to see the 3 minute video on

Scott expresses his gratitude to the community & artists for contributing to over 20 years of excellence.
"We are fortunate to have a community that helps support us in selling many different kinds of art.

Some artists have been with us for 20 years or more, and a number of young fresh artists are coming to us as well."

Involvement with Shop Hop 2011, history with the East Hills neighborhood, and gallery artist David Huang's involvement with Art Prize 2011, are all highlights of this interview. Check it out!


come out and play

Come Out and Play!

Grand Rapids, Michigan; Running Through November 25th, 2011

We invite you to join us in celebrating our FIRST EXHIBITION in the new digs: “Come out and Play!” Artworks by a slew of very talented artists including: James Karsina, David Huang, Christy DeHoog, Carl Forslund, Pam Moxley, Carolyn Fehsenfeld, Michael Schaeffer, Paul Varga, Rick Stevens & many more. Free Admission. Everyone is Welcome. Dress is Casual.  833 Lake Drive SE. Call gallery 616-451-9820 for details.


Grand Rapids Magazine Feature

Art Movement

By Alexandra Fluegel, Grand Rapids Magazine; September Issue

GRAND RAPIDS — The dust has cleared, the moving trucks (and human chains) are long gone and two Grand Rapids Galleries are settling into their new homes. Both The Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts and LaFontsee Galleries moved into more prominent spaces in July, and if you haven’t made it inside yet, here’s a look at what’s waiting for you.

LaFontsee Galleries
(616) 451 9820;
Walking into the new location at 833 Lake Drive, you’d never guess that the building was formerly a social services office building. 53 small offices were knocked down and a drop ceiling was removed to create a welcoming open space filled with natural light. Moveable walls can be shifted around depending on the needs of the exhibition.

“This allows us to create more intimate spaces”, said Linda LaFontsee, who co-owns the business with her husband, Scott.

The East Hills building has 6,000 more square feet than the previous space, a renovated riverfront warehouse in Monroe Avenue that the galleries and gift shop occupied for nearly 20 years.

One challenge the couple faced was making sure visitors aren’t overwhelmed by the large, open space. To that end, small alcoves are built into the walls creating vignettes that vary with each stretch of space.

“The goal was to not overbuild,” Scott explained, “We want to leave it open, but we also want to make it an inviting environment.”

Having more space allows LaFontsee Galleries to exhibit more art, increase its framing capacity, expand its gift shop, and more easily host private events.

Many of the buildings renovations were designed to accommodate specific needs, such as large-scale, built in viewing stations.

“We work with a lot of businesses and interior designers, and now they will be able to come in and easily view large scale pieces,” Scott said.

The new location also features an easily accessible loading dock that will make transporting pieces in and out of the gallery more convenient for staff and clientele alike, an elevator, a large public parking lot and outdoor exhibit space for sculptures.

The move its self was a long process, LaFontsee said. “It took a monster effort on behalf of the staff.” The gallery was closed for eight days while staff and professional movers transported the works, and contractors were still pouring concrete when the new location officially opened for business.


833 Lake Drive

LaFontsee Galleries finds a hip spot in East Hills

By Morgan Jarema, The Grand Rapids Press,

GRAND RAPIDS — Longtime art galleristas Scott and Linda LaFontsee have moved into what Scott LaFontsee has dubbed Grand Rapids’ “gallery district.”

“One of the reasons we came to this neighborhood is its diversity: economic, cultural, the number of galleries, boutiques, restaurants, breweries,” he said. “When you’re a city like we are, if you can multiply the reasons for people to come to an area, it becomes a destination.”

The new LaFontsee Galleries/Underground Studio, 833 Lake Drive SE in the East Hills/Uptown neighborhood, opened July 14 in a renovated 1950s brick building that originally housed medical offices and most recently was the headquarters of mental health agency Network 180.

At about 24,000 square feet on two floors, the new building is not much larger than the space they leased downtown for nearly 20 years.

The couple founded the Underground Studio in 1987, on Grant Street, five blocks from their new location and since 1994 have run LaFontsee Galleries/Underground Studio in a renovated riverfront warehouse in the Monroe North business district.

The gallery opened a second location, in Douglas, in May.

The couple’s artistic eye saw the potential in the Lake Drive building that other potential buyers could not. “Linda and I, when we walked in, we saw it,” he said. The walls that made up the 50 or so medical offices have come down, leaving a spacious retail gallery, framing and gift area. Ductwork has been left exposed, cracks in the concrete flooring have been patched but not made perfect and some beams used to hang artwork still bear contractor’s remarks from when the building was constructed.

“We tried to keep the nuts and bolts of it,” he said. “But we can do that, because we’re a gallery.” Among the pluses, Scott LaFontsee said, is free parking, outdoor display space and more room for artists’ series, workshops and community fund raisers. LaFontsee said it’s the lower level, which has been turned into a custom production area where some of the gallery’s 14 staffers assemble large-sized and large-run projects, where the most efficiency has been gained from the new space. The production area now is linear, with all equipment on wheels. “We gained two days a week in labor alone by redesigning the workspace,” he said. “That was huge for us.”

While he would not say how much the building or renovations cost, “We’ve leveraged ourselves to get into this, but not overleveraged. The economy offered this up at a price we couldn’t have afforded even a year before we purchased it.”

Keeping up with industry changes was another big reason for the move for the company, which LaFontsee said had record sales in 2009 and 2010.

“We’ve reinvented ourselves and thought about the future at a time when everyone is looking at ‘How do we stay relevant?’” he said. “That’s real important for us because we help artists build their careers.”


833 Lake Drive

New Exhibit in LaFontsee Galleries Lakeshore Opens August 19

Douglas, Michigan

Opening Reception: August 19th, 6 —9 pm

Open Fridays through Sundays, 11am—5pm and by appointment
Phone: 269.857.1676

Join us on Friday, August 19 as we celebrate the third art opening in our new Lakeshore Location!


Featuring the Artwork Of Missy Morrow • Clay Stauffer • Christy DeHoog • Lisa Kowalski • Patrick Atkinson • Renee Hartig • Judith Tummino • and more!



833 Lake Drive

LaFontsee Galleries Opens New Lakeshore Gallery

Douglas, Michigan

Opening Reception: May 27th, 4—9 pm

Open Fridays through Sundays, 11am—5pm and by appointment
Phone: 269.857.1676

We're excited to announce we're opening a second location! This extension of LaFontsee Galleries is located in the beautiful lakeshore community of Douglas, Michigan, and is a collaboration with Cannarsa Structure & Design. This second location will focus primarily upon fine art, with limited hours and appointments.

From the Grand Rapids Press:

DOUGLAS – LaFontsee Galleries will partner with Cannarsa Structure and Design to open a new gallery here.

The gallery, 150 Center St., grew out of the Grand Rapids-based gallery's relationship with John Cannarsa, an architect and interior designer who will own and share the 1,800 square foot space. The gallery will feature two-dimensional and three-dimensional works by artists featured in LaFontsee's Grand Rapids location.

The gallery will be open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays beginning May 27 and by appointment.

An opening celebration is planned for May 27 from 4 to 9 p.m.. The new gallery can be reached by calling 269-857-1676

The opening comes as LaFontsee is hosting its final exhibition in its long-time Monroe Avenue home. The gallery plans close the Monroe space July 2 and open at 833 Lake Drive July 14.


833 Lake Drive

LaFontsee Galleries: We're on the Move

Our move from 820 Monroe to 833 Lake Drive is almost here! Our moving schedule is:

July 2 —13   820 Monroe Location CLOSED
July 14   833 Lake Drive Location OPENS

Remember, your favorite things about LaFontsee Galleries aren't going anywhere. We'll still offer you the very best in local and international art, unique home decor and gifts, and custom framing. Even our phone number, 616.451.9820, is remaining the same! Read more.


833 Lake Drive

LaFontsee Galleries Opens New Lakeshore Gallery

Douglas, Michigan

Opening Reception: May 27th, 4—9 pm

Open Fridays through Sundays, 11am—5pm and by appointment
Phone: 269.857.1676

We're excited to announce we're opening a second location! This extension of LaFontsee Galleries is located in the beautiful lakeshore community of Douglas, Michigan, and is a collaboration with Cannarsa Structure & Design. This second location will focus primarily upon fine art, with limited hours and appointments.



833 Lake Drive

SHIFT } Join us for our final exhibition at 820 Monroe Ave. NW.

Opening Reception: May 11th, 5:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

As we prepare to depart the place that we called home for 18 years, help us celebrate the people and the community that have supported our journey along the way. The passion of our artists, loyalty of our clients, and treasured relationships with our community are something we carry with us from this location to the next. Please join us in celebrating our final exhibition at 820 Monroe Ave. NW.


• An assortment of work from LaFontsee Galleries’ best loved and most established artists
• New work by up and coming artists you have yet to fall for
• Moving sales in the gift shop and on readymade frames
• Friends, artists, business owners, and staff whose years of dedication and solid partnerships allow us the opportunity to grow
• Smiling faces
• Fun drinks
• Pending bullet point 6, more smiling faces

SHIFT } opens May 11th and is on view through June 30th, 2011. Come support the art community and our transition to the new location!


833 Lake Drive

SAVE THE DATE! Don't miss the best dog-gone party in town!


Support The Humane Society of West Michigan, attend the 2011 Bissell Blocktail Party

Once again, Bissell will be hosting their annual Blocktail Party to benefit a cause very close to Linda and Scott's heart: The Humane Society of West Michigan.

The hippest people and pets convene at the 2011 BISSELL Blocktail Party, a benefit for the Humane Society of West Michigan.

Celebrating our 6th anniversary we invite you, your friends and your pooch to join us and fellow animal-lovers at this one-of-a-kind “block” party. Enjoy succulent appetizers from Mangiamo, beer, wine and cocktails, local entertainment and the company of some fabulous pooches – all while supporting your local Humane Society!

And don’t forget – the event will feature a silent auction where you can bid on great items and of course the chance for your pooch to be the face of the 2012 BISSELL Blocktail Party!

Mark your calendars – the 2011 BISSELL Blocktail Party® is Wednesday, June 15 from 6 to 9 pm at Mangiamo!, a Gilmore Collection restaurant.

Humane Society of West Michigan does not receive any financial support from animal welfare or governmental agencies. We rely solely upon the support of people, businesses, and community foundations to operate our facilities and programs. Without that continued support, we would no longer be capable to provide care and shelter for animals in need.


833 Lake Drive

New Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids surrounds children
with youthful inspiration

By Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk | The Grand Rapids Press | Read the Full Article

On one of the 14 floors of Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital hangs a piece of art signed “Ben W.”

If you look closely at the picture, you also can see the young artist’s name printed backward, and that brings a smile to the face of hospital president Dr. Bob Connors.

“He started a smaller picture, and then decided he didn’t do a very good job,” Connors said. “So he flipped the paper over and started again, so you can see ‘Ben. W.’ through the picture.”

When the doors open Tuesday, visitors will be greeted by more than 600 works of art decorating the 206-bed children’s hospital. Nearly every piece of art in the $286 million hospital was made by children, for children.

“When kids come into this place, they know it’s a children’s place,” Connors said. “I think that’s the way it should be in a children’s hospital.”

Close to 9,000 children from more than 20 schools, churches and organizations participated in the work of creating art for all 14 floors of the 444,000-square-foot building, a part of the Spectrum Health complex on Michigan Street NE. [ Read the Full Article on ]


833 Lake Drive

LaFontsee Galleries/Underground Studio voted "Best Art Gallery"

By readers of Grand Rapids Magazine

Thank you, Grand Rapids!

LaFontsee Galleries/Underground Studio was voted "Best Art Gallery" by the readers of Grand Rapids Magazine. The 2010-11 reader's poll brought in a record number of votes. A heartfelt thank you to all who voted -- we are proud to be a part of this community.

Pick up the January issue of Grand Rapids Magazine at to see the full list of winners.


833 Lake Drive

The Art of Healing

Katerie Prior, On-the-Town Magazine • January 2011 • Read the full article

Over the years, there have been numerous studies on the effects of healing and art. But when planning began on the children’s hospital, planners had a simpler goal. They just wanted to create a place where children would feel comfortable, happy, and hopeful, particularly when what they may be feeling as they enter the hospital is far from those emotions.  “That was one of the visions,” said Helen DeVos, the hospital’s patron and namesake, at a press conference on the new facility. “That this would look to be a happy place as well as actually be one.”

Dr. Robert H. Connors, the hospital’s president, came up with the idea of adorning the walls with art from children so as to create an open conversation among kids regardless of gender, age, or other socio-economic ties. “We saw this happening as children were creating the art in our studios,” said Scott LaFontsee, owner of LaFontsee Galleries/Underground Studio. LaFontsee Galleries was one of several companies from around the nation that submited proposals when the project was announced last year. In fact, to maintain that pure, open discussion, none of the artwork in the hospital is labeled nor artists identified. “With hospitals, it’s cold and sterile because it has to be clean,” LaFontsee said, adding that the idea from Connors was to make the hospital “beautiful.”

“So, when kids walked into the hospital, it felt like it is for them.” Connors had the foresight that artwork by other children would send that message, LaFontsee said.

After being selected as the consultants for the project, LaFontsee Galleries launched a “Call for Ideas,” asking for proposals of possible art projects from schools, youth groups, and other children’s organizations. The response was overwhelming. Hundreds of area teachers stepped up with possible collaborative or individual projects in practically every medium. Once approved, children from age two to seventeen set to work creating the pieces that now adorn the hospital walls.

LaFontsee Galleries also hosted a series of collaborative projects in its downtown gallery. Over several months, area children could paint pictures of what they envisioned life under the sea would be like, create 3D paper flowers, stamp cutouts of hockey players and other figures, or create clay fish among the many projects available. Area artists working with LaFontsee Galleries helped organize those works into larger pieces.

While thousands of children across the region can be happy knowing their work is part of a collaborative project that could be comforting a patient their age, their work is doing something more: it’s engaging in a dialogue about quality of life that transcends time and circumstances.

For LaFontsee, he’s pleased his gallery was the one that helped facilitate the conversation. “This was a huge undertaking,” he said. “Our staff did amazing things, but we had help from many others, kids especially. The whole community helped make this an incredible display of children’s art.”


833 Lake Drive

Local businesses participate in creation of new children's hospital

Elizabeth Slowik, Grand Rapids Business Journal

LaFontsee Galleries/Underground Studio is featured in the Grand Rapids Business Journal's Health Focus. Subscribers can read the full version of the article online.


833 Lake Drive

A Look Inside the New LaFontsee Galleries

Moving to 833 Lake Drive in Spring/Summer 2011

Happy New Year from all of us at LaFontsee Galleries!

It's been a busy and successful year -- and there are big changes coming in 2011. In Spring/Summer 2011, we'll make the move to our new building at 833 Lake Drive in East Hills. We're still at our downtown location at 820 Monroe while we rennovate our new space. While a lot of things will be changing for the better in the new year, the best things about the gallery are staying the same!


Gift Certificates

The Gift of Art: Gift Certificates Available!

Give the gift of art! LaFontsee Galleries/Underground Studio gift certificates come beautifully gift wrapped and are available in any denomination. The special someone on your list can choose from thousands of unique and one-of-a-kind gifts, including original art, custom framing, hand crafted boutique items, home décor, jewelry, and hundreds of posters. With so many options, we make the art of gift giving easy.


Small Works by Enormously Talented Artists

Small Works by Enormously Talented Artists

An exhibition of original works suitable for gift-giving, running December 1 – 31

LaFontsee Galleries’ annual Small Works by Enormously Talented Artists exhibition aligns with the holiday season and features hundreds of giftable works of art. Now through December 31, we’re showcasing art works of all genre and in all media — from realistic to abstract, landscape to whimsical, and paintings to sculpture — all in small or miniature sizes.

"The great thing about small original art is that it typically has a smaller price tag,” Scott LaFontsee said. “These pieces are prefect for collecting and gift-giving. What a great way to help the special people in your life start their own art collection."

We look forward to seeing you soon – Happy Holidays!


Gift Certificates

Deck the Halls: Frame and Mirror Sale!

Running December 1 – 31

It’s time to spruce up your space for holiday guests — and we’re here to help! In preparation for our upcoming move, we’re reducing our inventory and passing the savings on to you. We have a huge selection of exceptional and unique ready-made frames and mirrors in a variety of sizes, colors and styles — a great opportunity for you to get the most out of your money without compromising on style. Chances are, we have the frame you need for that family photo or keepsake, a must-have piece from our current Small Works exhibit, or the perfect mirror for your home.


Linda LaFontsee presented the Maven Award by UICA Women + The Arts!

Read the Grand Rapids Press article!

Wednesday, October 27
Location: Eve in the B.O.B. - 20 Monroe Ave NW

11:30 AM Cocktail Reception, Video Presentation, Raffle
12:30 PM Program and Lunch
1:30 PM  Raffle Drawing

Linda LaFontsee is a true pioneer in advancing the arts, emerging artists, and creative women throughout West Michigan. Her extensive involvement in the community for over 20 years reflects her steadfast dedication to spreading the message that art enhances and changes lives. Linda not only has paved the way and has served as a mentor for other aspiring female artists, but she has facilitated the appreciation and development of art and culture in Grand Rapids and beyond.



OCTOBER 22, 2010 • 5pm to 11pm • 833 Lake Drive

This is an event you don't want to miss! The launch of SiTE:LAB in the future LaFontsee Galleries / Underground Studio space is October 22 from 5 to 11 pm at 833 Lake Drive. The buzz is growing for this community-wide event. All the ways you can stay plugged in to the action are below.

Red Pigeon is providing a live stream of social media activity around SiTE:LAB. View it from your computer and live tonight on location!

Official hash tag for the event is #sitelab. Follow @Site_Lab and @LaFontseeUS.

Keep up with SiTE:LAB on their official Tumblr page.

LaFontsee Galleries and SiTE:LAB.




Future LaFontsee Galleries Building to be the First SiteLab Project Location:
SiteLab Launch: 833 LaFontsee Galleries

SAVE THE DATE — OCTOBER 22, 2010 • 5pm to 11pm

The future LaFontsee Galleries building is the location of the inaugural Site:Lab project — SiteLab Launch: 833 LaFontsee Galleries. The launch is part of an art event taking place in both the Heartside and East Hills neighborhoods; the 25,000 square foot location will host over 100 artists and groups. Because the event will be held prior to the extensive renovations slated to begin this winter, Site:Lab's creative team will have a great deal of creative control over the space — including manipulating the interior by removing walls, adding lighting, and more.

In addition to the event at the future LaFontsee Galleries, all other galleries in the East Hills and Heartside neighborhoods will be holding openings with extended hours. Avenue for the Arts will be filling vacant storefronts with art, while resident artists will show and sell original artwork. The event will include live music, street performers, specials at local restaurants and bars, and free transportation around the area.

Site:Lab creates temporary art projects aimed at facilitating dynamic collaborations between the art, education, business and cultural communities of Grand Rapids. For more information about Site:Lab, visit


833 Lake Drive

The Rumors are True!
LaFontsee Galleries will be moving home to East Hills!

We are delighted to announce that we have purchased the old Network 180 building at 833 Lake Drive in East Hills! The original Underground Studio location (founded over 25 years ago!) is only 5 blocks away from the new location and we are excited to return to our old neighborhood. This move will allow us to join an area full of great galleries, shops and restaurants, provide an ample amount of convenient, on-site parking and exhibit outdoor sculpture. Our entire staff is looking forward to welcoming you to our new location during the spring and summer of 2011!

One of Grand Rapids' largest art galleries moving to East Hills area

Chris Knape | The Grand Rapids Press

GRAND RAPIDS — One of the city's largest art galleries will pack up its longtime home and move to the bustling East Hills business district by next summer.

The former Network180 building, 833 Lake Drive SE, will provide LaFontsee Galleries with room to grow and more steady foot traffic, said owner Scott LaFontsee.

"One of the biggest reasons for moving was to try to land in a neighborhood that is business progressive, and that has to be the most progressive neighborhood by far," LaFontsee said. "It's very diverse, very unique with lots of galleries, lots of restaurants and little shops that carry everything from food goods to clothing."

Kathryn Caliendo, community organizer for the East Hills Council of Neighbors, said she couldn't be happier with the new arrival.

"Yee-ha!" she said. "We think it's a perfect fit. We have restaurants and bars. We are sort of the Bohemian side of Grand Rapids these days."

The 24,000-square-foot mid-century modern building will be gutted to make way for the gallery's eclectic mix of art work, housewares and gift items.

The 2.5-acre site will allow room for more outdoor sculpture, while the interior space also gives the commercial side of the business, which supplies artwork and framing services to places like Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, room to stretch.

LaFontsee, who co-owns the business with his wife, Linda, said he hopes the addition of the gallery will create a sort-of gallery neighborhood where people can stroll from store to store for the afternoon.

He had hoped the North Monroe area where the gallery first moved 20 years ago would turn into that district, but that didn't happen.

"It never really took off as retail," he said of North Monroe. "I don't know if people think of that as out of the way, even though it's not, but the two other big buildings there being turned into condos has changed the flavor of the neighborhood."

Owning the East Hills building also will provide the kind of long-term home that LaFontsee has always wanted. Since the building had been empty for more than a year and prices for commercial properties were declining, the gallery was able to get a good deal, he said.

Kent County records show the property was purchased for $760,000 in August. It last changed hands in 2005 for about $1 million.

"The economy helped us," LaFontsee said. "This is a classic case of there being opportunities in these kinds of times. It gave us an opportunity that even last year we couldn't have done."



Betsy DeVos and
"Open Water no. 24"
Chris Knape
Grand Rapids Press

Reserve: Grand Rapids' newest wine bar pairs great wine with great art.

We've been working with Reserve, Grand Rapids' newest wine bar, to select and install several amazing pieces of art, including the 2009 ArtPrize winner "Open Water no. 24" by Ran Ortner. Make sure to stop in to Reserve after September 21 for a glass of wine (or two!).

ArtPrize winner 'Open Water no. 24' goes on display at wine bar partly owned by DeVos family
Chris Knape | The Grand Rapids Press

The winner of the inaugural ArtPrize in 2009 was unveiled Thursday at its new home -- Reserve, a wine bar slated to open Sept. 21 at 201 Monroe Ave. NW. The bar is a partnership between Dick and Betsy DeVos' Windquest Group and Martha's Vineyard owner Kameel Chamelly.

The 6-foot by 19-foot "Open Water no. 24" by artist Ran Ortner had been on loan by the DeVos family to the Grand Rapids Art Museum since shortly after the end of ArtPrize. Betsy DeVos said placing the painting above the bar's cruvinet (a 102-bottle wine dispensing system) will keep it on public display while making it a focal point of the new downtown gathering spot.

Designed by Brian Barkwell and Valerie Schmieder, of Via Design, Reserve mixes modern design with the traditional architecture of its historic setting. Artwork was provided by Linda LaFontsee at LaFontsee Galleries. More than half of its furniture was sourced from local furniture makers.


Photos by Brian Kelly,
Rapid Growth GR

Joel Berry, LaFontsee Galleries Framer & Artist
Featured in Rapid Growth GR

LaFontsee Galleries framer and 2010 ArtPrize artist Joel Berry was featured in popular online Grand Rapids magazine Rapid Growth GR. An excerpt of the article by Mitchell Terpstra appears below. Read the full article.

Joel Berry sees a canvas in everything.

"Sometimes I'll just find a rock like this," Berry says, displaying a cannonball-sized piece of limestone split cleanly down the middle. "Though one of my favorite things to do is throw rocks, smashing them open." Berry then uses the newly revealed interior surfaces as canvases for painting, improving upon nature by spending many finger-aching hours applying his whimsical designs. He finishes the designs with a quadruple-0 Winsor & Newton paintbrush--a brush so small its tip is made of approximately four synthetic hairs, making the final details virtually undetectable to the naked eye.

The 29-year-old Berry hesitantly refers to Rochester Hills, where he grew up, as home, though he made the move to Grand Rapids nine years ago, attracted by Grand Valley State University's art program. After he graduated in 2005 with a bachelor's degree in fine arts in printmaking, he became a full-time employee forLaFontsee Gallery / Underground Studios located downtown at 820 Monroe. There Berry assists with art framing services by managing the moulding orders and inventory, in addition to building custom frames.

Read the full article.



New work featured in our main gallery

Stop in to our main gallery to view brand new work from some of our most popular artists, including:

Carolyn Fehsenfeld
Christina Hahn
Renee Hartig
James Karsina
Lisa Kowalski
Jennifer McCurdy
Marianne Menger
Pam Moxley
Jeremy Newman
& Allison-Ciancibeli
Laurie Pruitt
Michael Schaeffer
Judith Tummino
David Zylstra

LaFontsee Galleries to host over 20 artists for ArtPrize 2010

LaFontsee Galleries is gearing up for ArtPrize 2010! The artist and venue matching period ended recently, and the gallery has matched with over 20 amazing ArtPrize Artists!

Amy Cromartie
Barbara McCleary
Carolyn Fehsenfeld
Christy DeHoog Johnson
Colin Darke
Debra Reid Jenkins
Diane Schroeder
Donald Cronkhite
Elaine Tolsma Harlow
Gaetanne Lavoie
James Karsina
Jean Allemeier Boot
Joel Berry
Judith Tummino
Kristopher Jones

Maggie Bandstra
Megan Hanley
Rick Stevens
saul gray-hildenbrand
Soraia Almeida
Stephen Schousen
Taylor Greenfield
Tom Condon

Lisa Price's Artgoodies: NEW to our Urban Craft Boutique!

Looking for a touch of whimsy in your home? Stop in to see local artist Lisa Price's ArtGoodies line, featuring hand towels and stuffies hand printed with an original, linocut, block prints!

Tea Towels are 100% cotton. Nice and absorbent for drying dishes, looks great when company is over, and makes a great housewarming gift! Measures 20”x28”.

Stuffie Mini-pillows are backed with coordinating vintage fabric and filled with poly-fil. Great in a group on your bed, your couch, your office, or in a gift basket! Sizes range from 5” x 5” to 8 1/2” x 9”.

Artist Lisa Price grew up in the Chicago suburbs and spent her summers gardening, canning, and visiting the farmers market with her grandmother in northern Indiana. That is where she began her fascination with nature and the colors and designs of the fifties. She received a B.F.A. in printmaking in 2001, and now brings you modern block print housewares with vintage flair. Her company artgoodies, founded in 2006, offers tea towels, aprons, and stuffie mini pillows each hand printed with one of her original linocut block prints. Lisa resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan where she works out of her home studio.


Congratulations to Abigail DeVries!

Abigail is the winner of our recent Go Green and Win drawing! As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment, we've asked our patrons to sign up for our e-mail club. To reward those making the switch from paper to email, anyone who signed up at the Galleries during the month of April had the chance to win a beautiful (and green!) Shiraleah handbag.

You can go green and stay in touch with LaFontsee Galleries by signing up for our E-Club!


James Karsina exhibit at the University Club—Meet the Artist

LaFontsee Galleries artist James Karsina's work will appear in a featured exhibit at the University Club of Grand Rapids. The exhibit opens with a meet the artist event.

Thursday, May 13
5:30–7:00 p.m.
Complimentary Hors d’ oeuvres


Thank you, Grand Rapids!

LaFontsee Galleries has been voted the top art gallery in Grand Rapids by the readers of Grand Rapids Press and! Thank you for your votes — we love bringing great art, custom framing and unique gifts to Grand Rapids.

Visit for the full list of winners.


Summer Internship Opportunity!

We are looking for a senior level art student with drive and initiative interested in learning about the aspects of running a gallery as a business. This person should be detail oriented, hard working, positive, punctual and flexible. MORE DETAILS >>



In the front lines with healing art

Grand Rapids Family Magazine: "Our goal is to bridge the gap so that children can walk into the hospital and feel its for them," says Scott LaFontsee. To promote a healing and nurturing environment in the new Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, children's artwork will soon adorn the walls.

Read the article
Learn how you can help

LaFontsee Gallery teams with Helen DeVos Children's Hospital to fill hospital halls with healing art

The Grand Rapids Press: "We would take proposals from just about anywhere," LaFontsee said. "This 'Call for Ideas' is directed toward anyone who has a valid idea that in the end will be something that's useful. We need to come up with enough variety to fill 14 floors. The challenge is to find enough diversity to accommodate the size and scale."

Read the article


Local businesses succeed in tough economy

In an article featuring LaFontsee Galleries, The Grand Rapids Press explores why small businesses are succeeding during the recession.

Read the article


We're on YouTube!

We've added videos demonstrating some of our new items in our Urban Craft Boutique. Check out shape-shifting Liquid Cardboard, new & fun wind-up toys and write-on/wipe-off coasters and wine tags!

We will be adding more videos soon so be sure to check back!

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