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Bugs, wedding gowns, baseball mits, license plates & art ~ there are many things in our lives that tell a story worth preserving.

We've racked up 3 decades of experience working through one inspiring client project after another. Let us put this experience to work for you & help you frame your story.

Ranging from large corporate projects with budgets upwards of a million dollars to sentimental family heirlooms ~ each projects presents its own set of challenges.

Sometimes the challenge lies in the question of placement ~ should the artwork be placed at eye level or lined up with the door frame? Check out our Art Handling Department for more information about art installation.

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Personal Projects

Corporate Projects

personal client projects

wedding invitation

Flip through this passport themed wedding invitation, the frame is magnetically sealed. The booklet is repositionable and removable via magnets. We thought this creative wedding invitation needed a framing approach to match. Our frame design team listened to the client's preferances for accessibility. Together, they came to the decision that mounting with adjustable magnets works best. It allows for pages to be turned and for the entire passport to be removed & handled. Magnetic materials make for opening & closing of the frame easy as well.


Hand written edges, hand sewn elements & more ~ custom frame design helps you tell your story. We enjoyed working with this family very much, they had an interesting story about this Rosary. The family wanted to convey this in the framework some how, but weren't excatly sure how to go about it. Our design team came up with several ideas and they liked the hand written fillet idea best. On the final finished piece, handwritten details surround the outer edges of the matt, as a fillet. The knotted prayer rope was also hand-sewn on, just outside of the the round matt window cut for the rosary.


license plate
license plate II

Unexpected & a great conversation starter, many fabulous framing projects start with objects. This client couldn't bring back the car, so he brought back the license plate and had it framed instead. He absoluely loved this sportster he drove around while living in Germany, and now has a great memento. Winking at the uber-contemporary flair so often found in Europe, this license plate was floated in a white matted shadowbox, framed in black with the validation sticker applied over the finished glass surface. It has super clean lines, a simple & classic look that will never go out of style.




wine corks

Custom framing is not restricted to artwork, the only limit is your imagination. We love fresh ideas, like this wine cork collection box. This client had a real passion for wine! She brought us an 8x10 poster with the saying "Poetry in a Bottle" and asked for us to create a unique frame that could later be filled with wine corks. Our custom frame builder enjoyed working on this project very much, including the part where he drilled a cork-sized hole at the top of the frame.


Custom framing creates new possibilities. The worn and uneven edges of these slides are charming, they convey character and antiquity. In efforts to showcase the full detail of these slides, our framing department created a custom wired-hook mounting system to secure the slides in place. Frame design staff suggested a contemporary feel for the frame & matt to contrast the nostalgic qualitity of the slides.

wedding memorabilia

Wedding boquet flowers preserved as art! Three daisies and a couple of individual petals were float-mounted on white matboard. The rope that tied the bride's bouquet together was knotted and mounted below the flowers in an inset recessed mat. At the client's request, the sentimental note "He loves me, he loves ne knot" was custom-etched onto the finished glass surface.


We are a trusted source for framing irreplacable artwork. Many clients have approached us with famous original pieces and first edition prints - tasking the LaFontsee framing department to preserve historic works for many future generations to enjoy. It never gets old, seeing famous names roll through the gallery & it's satisfying to know we're putting the industry’s best tools and materials to work at preserving them. Recently we've had the pleaure of framing original works by globally renown artists: Richard Serra, Ellsworth Kelly, and Terry Winters. Also, prints by David Hockney and Salvador Dali, and a blueprint by Franklin Lloyd Wright.

baseball mitt

You could easily remove & use this baseball and glove if you wanted to! After being handed down across three generations, this family wanted the framed heirlooms to be completely unharmed by the framing process & reversable. We were able to achieve this by building a special tool that holds the ball in place, among other things. Everything is completely archival & whole, in tact for the next generation to play ball!

sheet music

Unconventional mounting adds character & class to your artwork! Whether for practicality or asthetics, it's fun to incorporate uncommon elements into your finished piece. Some mounting methods we've used are clamps, hinges, pins and hooks. We can also install uniqe wall mounting elements if you are interested, please stop by to inquire further!


Scholar Chalis
Scholar Chalis II



Not sure how to display an oddly shaped item? This client was looking for a unique way to preserve a set of Scholar Chalices, wooden cups monks used ages ago for drinking wine. Our framers created a custom base with recessed spaces where the chalices fit, framed in distressed leather. Because of the removable plexi top, its possible to handle the chalices, maybe even drink some wine from them!


corporate client projects

Helen DeVos Children's Hospital

Over 2,000 pieces of artwork curated, framed & installed by LaFontsee Galleries. After a national search, the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital selected our gallery as the art consultant for its new 14-floor hospital. The gallery has been responsible for providing, framing and installing all artwork for the new hospital, including a very large mural and sculpture. This project was unique not only in scale, but in focus. The hospital was to feature artwork made by children, for children. The gallery worked with local childeren and artists to realize this vision.

Custom Vinyl
Custom Vinyl

We offer art solutions for every environment! In this spin off of the Childeren's Hospital project, we transformed the CT Scan and MRI rooms from cold and frightening spaces to much more welcoming environments. We worked closely with local childeren & medical professionals at the Childeren's Hospital to develop serene nature scenes made with custom vinyl graphics. Children learned how to make graphic prints of sea life and woodland creatures at two printmaking workshops held at LaFontsee Galleries, and these prints were then translated into vinyl graphics and installed on the machines and walls of four rooms in the hospital’s radiology department.
Recently, the childeren's hospital has reached out to the gallery again and asked us to outfit seven additional radiology rooms.

herman miller

This 88 piece collection, framed here at the gallery, was placed in a grid spanning 3 staggered walls using the "French Cleat" hanging method. Each of these photographs were shot by design Guru Bruce Mau. Our installation crew enjoyed working on this project because they got the chance to facilitate one designer's vision into the modern architecture found in Herman Miller's Greenhouse Lobby, Holland Michigan.
Click Here to watch the install process from start to finish in stop motion.

laugh fest

We are the trusted source for framing & installation of the annual LaughFest photos. During its first year, LaughFest organizers brought a stack of promotional photos to the gallery. They were in search of an affordable way to get each year's new batch of photos framed and hung in the rotating exhibit. We suggested using the same frames, but switching out the photos & we've had the pleasure of serving Gilda's Club in this capacity each year since LaughFest started in 2011. This collection is on display now at the Fifth Third Bank lobby, downtown Grand Rapids. These promotional photos include local celebrities depicting silly scenarios, all photographed by tallented local photographer Brian Kelly.

mayor's office

The gallery has worked in partnership with the Grand Rapids Mayor's office, providing artwork by local gallery artists for a rotating exhibit. Our artists' work has been on temporary installment in the Mayor's office for many years now, adding a splash of local color for visitors! It's a wonderful connection to the community & a nice way for our artists to get additional exposure.

Grand Plaza Hotel

We've lended a hand in preserving a slice of Grand Rapids' history. While undergoing a recent remodel, the Grand Plaza Hotel decided it was time for their 100+ collection of vintage photos to be re-framed. The photos were of the Pantlind Hotel, which is the name the current Grand Plaza Hotel used to operate under.

They decided the original styles of frames & mats did not match the new contemporary feel of their remodel. Our frame design team offered several contemporary options & the whole collection was re-framed. It is now on display throughout the Grand Plaza Hotel.