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We worked with Nucraft Furniture to select artworks for their corporate environment that would specifically represent the company’s forward thinking. Nucraft produces high end furniture for living spaces and offices for clients who prioritize the most exacting fit, finish and value for their environments. The company commissioned LaFontsee Galleries-represented artist Saul Gray-Hildenbrand to create a focal point for their space. The materials used in Saul’s two paneled piece were specifically selected from discarded scraps left from Nucraft furniture production. He was not directed as to how the materials should be used which left the composition and design to his creative discretion. The artist’s use of these materials is an aesthetic reflection of the company’s attitude towards sustainability and creativity. While we were installing the work, employees of Nucraft viewed the work with pride, commenting on their great appreciation for the story behind the commission.

Other works installed throughout the Nucraft space have similar connections to the company’s culture. Across from Saul Gray-Hildenbrand’s commission is a piece by Linda LaFontsee made from found wood material. Although it is a sculptural assemblage of cut panel, it was installed on the wall as a traditional two-dimensional work. Its simple yet bold aesthetic reflects the same intersection of design and innovative use of material that characterize Nucraft’s product.


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