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Whether it's your art or ours, we are here to help! We offer a full range of art installation, art moving, collection management services and more.

Often, our clients want to marry new artwork into existing collections, which brings up a unique set of challenges we are happy to guide you through. If a couple oldies-but-goodies from your collection need an updated look, we reframe artwork regardless of where it was originally purchased. We're also happy to fix any damaged frames you have on hand.

Did you know that we offer a full range of fine art printing and art appraisal services as well? Please read on for more information about all of our art handling services.

art handling
art handling finished install extra large canvas we deliver art art handling
art handling art installed in dining room art installed in Mayor's Office art handling art handling
    family photo wall


Expert Installation Services   Hanging in a public place? Ask about our security-rated hanging hardware. Our experienced team can safely install heavy pieces in hard to reach places, this service is available regardless of where art was purchased or framed.

  art moving

Safely Move & Store Art   Let us help you relocate or store your art collection - again, regardless of where art was purchased or framed.

  posters prints

Giclee Prints & Posters!   A budget conscious way to round out any collection, we carry prints of many LG artists' original works and 1,000+ posters with over ½ million options on-demand; posters are always 50% off when you frame them!

  reframe art

Re-frame your Artwork!   Transform art you already own by giving it a new frame, glass or mat. A fresh new frame will extend the life of your artwork as well.

  frame repair

Frame Repair   We can fix damaged frames, whether purchased here at the gallery or not.

  try art before you buy

Try Art Before You Buy   We want you to be completely satisfied and sure your artwork looks great in your home or workplace ~ You can try it out in your space before you buy it!

  we bring art to your door

Short on Time, But Looking for Art?   We can come to your workplace or home and help you choose artwork, framing & accessories.

  art appraisal

Art Appraisal Services   Curious about the value of artwork currently owned by you or your company? We can come to your door to assess the art and prepare a professional appraisal.

  art collection management

Art Collection Management   Whether information is needed for taxes, insurance or personal interest, we can help. We'll photograph your art collection, break down descriptions, values, locations, and so on. Once the information is collected and the art is photographed, we can create a hard cover reference book for your records.

  rail hanging system

Rail Hanging Systems   We stock, sell and install custom hardware for rail hanging systems. This art hanging approach is popular because of its ease of transition. Changing the position of artwork, or switching one piece out for another is just a matter of unclipping & sliding.


Fine Art Restoration   Full service restoration available for paintings, mats, and all sorts of artwork.


Commissions and Special Projects  Looking for the perfect fit? Though we have a great selection of artwork here at the gallery, occasionally clients want something more specific. Stop by anytime, we'll be happy to talk with you about what type of 2D or 3D commissions our gallery artists could create for your space.

  new to art

New to Art?   We can help even if you don’t know exactly what you want.
No experience is necessary & Everyone is Welcome.