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Patrick DeJuilio

Snapshots in time, Patrick DeJuilio’s evocative wall pieces conjure up memories of past events and invite stories to be told. Curious angles, ragged edges and recesses maximize the effects of shifting ambient light. Doors, windows, blind corners, and broken walls invite the viewer to enter the work and create a story based on their own experience.  He uses unexpected vantage points, a multitude of surface styles, and subtle clues in his work to suggest what is absent – a human subject. 

Inspired by the rich architectural heritage of the Midwest and his travels abroad, DeJuilio depicts aged structures and utilitarian objects, adeptly combining architectural millwork and furniture manufacturing scraps with found objects, plaster, and paint. By breaking, tearing, splitting and reversing recycled materials, he discovers new structural traits.  Cardboard becomes roofing tiles. Fiberboard becomes stone. Although he begins each piece with specific design plans, the color, texture and detail of the scrap materials often change as the work progresses and inform the original idea.
Patrick DeJuilio earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Western Illinois University. He was tutored in stained-glass techniques soon after, and honed his woodworking and carpentry expertise as a builder and furniture craftsman while completing stained-glass commissions in his studio. In 2003, his manual dexterity was compromised by nerve damage in his hand, ending his work with glass. His search for a new creative outlet resulted in his current body of work.

Patrick DeJuilio • Statement

I have found working with mixed media materials provides real freedom for expression and creativity. Being able to use any material available to achieve the look, texture and detail of the objects represented in my pieces is both fun and challenging.
Inspiration for a piece sometimes comes from a particular material that I come across, that I visualize being just right for creating a certain object. The opposite also occurs when a subject idea inspires the search for the right materials with the correct elements, and in the proper scale to render that subject with pseudo-realistic elements.

Solving these aspects of creating a particular piece provides for an opportunity to use a variety of approaches to achieve the desired end. Not only do I get to be a painting and sculpting artist, I get to play architectural designer, engineer, carpenter, mason, millwright, and model builder.
I have had the opportunity to acquire a variety of waste materials from industrial millwork and furniture manufacturing. The subject matter of my recent work is primarily representational images of architectural elements. The textures and alternative look these materials can have when resized or used in combination lends very well to portraying the architectural subject matter of my work.
Doors and windows seem to be the dominate theme. They were the initial influence to achieve a path through the surface of the canvas. Doors and windows may be stationary objects but to me still have a kinetic sense of what is happening on the other side.

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Bachelor of Fine Art Degree, Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL

Undergraduate Art Studies, Harper College, Palatine, IL


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